MLB Portrait Wristbands Are the Best Thing Ever

Those are amazing. Those are wristbands. Major League baseball wristbands with players faces and signatures on them. Starting at the top left: Carney Lansford, Harold Baines, Kal Daniels, Frank White, Jack Clark, Darryl Strawberry, Eric Davis, and Frank Thomas twice.

My whole world has just been flipped upside down. The late ’80s were amazing. I wasn’t in Jr. High yet, and I wasn’t spending every waking minute thinking about girls yet. Still a kid, about 10 years old, I was in the prime of my baseball fanhood. Pro ballplayers were my idols. I collected their cards, bought their posters, memorized their stats… I was obsessed. So somebody tell me how in the HELL I’ve never seen these amazing wristbands before?! These wristbands… the players actually wore them… pictures of themselves on their wrists. It’s amazing. I guess the company was called MIMS and it was a “Say No To Drugs” campaign. See below for all the photos/cards I could find with players rockin’ em. Focus on the wrists…posted in no particular order.

How ’bout a close up Barry? So we don’t overlook one of the great ironies of all-time?

“Barry Bonds, Say No To Drugs” Thanks for that.

Just because I know the Giants’ fans will bitch and moan about me not pointing out the same irony for Strawberry and his drug problems… I offer you this. No Mas made a t-shirt inspired by the wristband. Glorious. It is a bit weird that MLB obviously allowed the players to wear these bands, but they weren’t allowed to have their helmet logos?

It also looks like there were specific All-Star game variations made to these puppies.

See The Wizard’s wrist? There’s a star around his image. How hot is Scioscia, btw? Here’s another one with Darryl’s All-Star variation…hanging with The Hawk.

Here’s a close-up of San Diego’s own, Benito Santiago for an All-Star game.

How amazing are these wristbands? Does everybody else remember these? Am I the lone jackass in the dark on this one? How did I miss the boat on this? They’re so awesome, I feel like I was just cheated out of a portion of my youth. I want some of these wristbands. Who has more info on ‘em? Who wants to sell me some?

Woah, stop the press. Just before I was about to post this, I found out that Brandon Phillips of the Reds is currently wearing some wristbands that look to be inspired by these late ’80s classics. Here’s a screengrab, a photo, and a close-up.

Is the other BP bringing it back? Looks to be so. This needs to take off. All players should do this. Hell, I should do this… make ‘em for all the players… they’d sell like hotcakes. Fans eat this kinda stuff up. Boom, this BP becomes a thousandaire.

**update: Tony Gwynn rocking the wristband at the ’87 ASG**


[images found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here]


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16 Responses to MLB Portrait Wristbands Are the Best Thing Ever

  1. Bull Benn says:

    Thanks for the throw-back and bit of nostalgia. I miss the game they played back then. You know- like when Strawberry was The Straw, when the Braves won every year with Mark Lemke and Terry Pendleton, and when Bobby Bo was still bigger than Bonds. As an aside, I really, REALLY, miss the old Franklin batting gloves. I remember when I got my first pair of Tony Gwynn Franklins ala’ . I was so stoked- it was like being in the Majors. Thanks again, BP.

  2. Jag8r904 says:

    Bonds and Straw “Say No to Drugs” …Oh the irony! The jokes write themselves.

  3. bestpitch says:

    I remember these wristbands very well. Absolutely loved them. Anyone know where they are being sold?

    • bp says:

      no clue. but if you find out… let me know.

    • james says:

      Bestpitch…I am the originator of the wristbands. You will be able to get them real soon at in the mean time..tell me who you’re interested in and I will get them to you. Tell people you know that im baack. Im on twitter mimsbandz. Thanks for the love.

  4. ken says:

    i wanted to know if i could give you 50.00 for the barry bonds wristband my son loves barry bonds and his brithday is coming up let me know thanks

    • james says:

      Hello Ken….my name is James the originator of the wristbands. My page will be launching real soon. I see I missed yiur sons bday ladt year. Not too late for this year. Contact me at of twitter @mimsbandz. Thank you

  5. Roderick White Sr says:

    I like to see more ballplayers wearing wristbands with their pictures on them.

  6. james says:

    Great info on the wristbands. Thank you for the compliment. My name is James the owner. Mimsbandz on twitter. Web page will be launched soon The old school will be available along with the new school Brandon Phillips etc.

  7. Eddie Lopez says:

    I remember purchasing the Tim Raines wristbands back in the late 80′s at the Lakewood Mall in Lakewood Ca. The sports store had a whole spinner rack full of different players. I remember seeing the Darryl Strawberry wristbands. His face was over a giant strawberry.

  8. james says:

    Hello Eddie. Saw your comments. I believe the store was Merle Harmon. Wow…those are memories. Now all of those same guys and more are available at plus new player’s from this generation: Tulowitzki, Brandon Phillips, Torii Hunter, Carlos Gonzalez, Dee Gordon, Austin Jackson. Thank you for your purchase back then.

  9. jim briggs says:

    back in the day i would try to make these wristbands on thin cardboard, then ducktape them to wristbands i got at the sporting good stores and actually play little league with them on. i cant believe that these are available for purchase!. not to mention my childhood idol Ellis Burks. who, only wore that wristband for a few innings and took it off never to wear it again..i remember that game at fenway.

  10. jeffrey Leonard says:

    916-316-9082 hit me back old friend you will be surprised!!

  11. jeffrey Leonard says:

    Great people Great product!!!!! Your boy Hac!!

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