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NBA Draft 1st Pick, the Hornets Choose… Michael Jordan?

Click to enlarge. That’s a real mind-effer, right? I put my masterful bitmap paint skills to use once again to create a Michael Jordan and Anthony Davis mash-up masterpiece. I took one of the most famous posters ever, and combined … Continue reading

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There ya have it. That’s the evidence out there that the NBA Draft is rigged just because the NBA owned Hornets won the Anthony Davis sweepstakes. I think David Stern is a dirtbag just as much as the next guy, but … Continue reading

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Baton Passed… A Tragedy

-bp [original images via @miketyson]

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How to Hit a Home Run With No Hands…

What in the superhero hell is going on here? How in EFF do you hit a home run out of a major league ball park with no hands? You don’t. Just throw the bat out there? I don’t think so. … Continue reading

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LobShots Infiltrating Historic Ballparks…

Green Monstah! Well, wouldya look at that? LobShots fans are making the rounds at Fenway. That’s a long way from Petco, kids…sent in by Katy who was there to see Verlander throw last night. A 100mph fastball followed up by … Continue reading

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A Letter for the Ages…

click to enlarge… read in it’s entirety. you were gone.  i missed you.  perhaps drinking your milk was some subconscious, deep-rooted attempt at connecting with you.  so asking why i took your milk is probably as unanswerable as asking why … Continue reading

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Regulators! Mount Up…

Absolutely nothing to do with Warren G… just a great family picture. Very frame-worthy. -bp [lobbed by LT via]

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“Hey Lebron! How’s my Kitchen ATM Taste?”

DeShawn Stevenson is a clown. Nobody has a freaking ATM in their kitchen. That’s idiotic. Know what would look good framed in that open space behind you? This photo. Nice stupid hipster outfit too. Totally unique of you in today’s … Continue reading

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This could be ten years old for all I know… just got sent to me, and I laughed… a lot. -bp [lobbed by brandyn]

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My First 3 CDs

That’s what my first CD player looked like. Not sure what prompted my train of thought, but I’ll always remember my first CD player and the three CDs I got with it. I’m guessing it was Christmas of 1992, maybe … Continue reading

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