This is the Boss that the Bolts Drafted

San Diego, I give you Melvin Ingram! A secret handshake with the commish! Best walk to the podium in the history of the NFL draft? What a freakin’ boss. Here’s the video that will probably be taken down by the NFL in no time.

YouTube Preview Image

Not bad… not bad at all. If you don’t follow me on twitter, you may not know that I love this pick. It would’ve been nice to get Barron, but as predicted, he was not there. Melvin was. Best player on the board, and we got him.


[.gif via Guyism]

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One Response to This is the Boss that the Bolts Drafted

  1. Showman says:

    How do they not give Ingram a powder blue jersey to hold on stage?? It’s like they said “Welcome to San Diego, here’s your JV gear. Rook”

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