2012 NFL Draft Winners

**Udpate: If you’re here… you came looking for THIS PHOTOSHOOT… and while you’re at here’s Maxim magazine threatening to sue me because of it**

After extreme analysis of all the 1st round picks… we’ve decided on a clear winner.

Ryan Tannehill

With a wife like that… there isn’t even a close second.

- Showman


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9 Responses to 2012 NFL Draft Winners

  1. Greanthumb says:

    Kinda looks like a midget face

  2. Hangaroundme says:

    What bothers me more than the “little person face” is the squinty left eye or “lazy eyelid”.

  3. Mac says:

    Tough crowd

  4. bp says:

    literally have never heard the term “little person face”… or the politically incorrect version.

    so she’s got a little bit of a lazy eye… so what… she’s still smoking.

    tough crowd, indeed.

  5. He will get close to Marinos and win several titiles. Mark it down and put it in a safe. Also head Vegas and the whole enchilada!!!!!

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