Padres National Media Coverage in a Nutshell

I love national media coverage of the Padres. I saw Grantland tweet out this interview with Chase Headley. Smartass that I am, I retweeted with the response, “Padres national story. Must be a typo.” The Grantland author, Jonah Keri, responded to me, “It’s almost like we’re making a concerted effort to cover all 30 teams!”  I deserved that… I chuckled at his response. Then, I got a tweet from Laura saying, “Maybe I’m crazy, but that pic sure looks a lot like Andy Parrino and not Chase Headley” My response? “holy crap. i think you’re right.”

It’s just perfect. It’s perfect on so many levels. I’ll paraphrase: “A Padres national story!” met with “Yeah, dude, we cover all the teams” followed by a “you got the wrong guy, dude.” Don’t believe me? I offer you this amazing breakdown:

See? Undeniable… so much so, that Grantland has updated their site. How do you put up a picture of a dude that you can’t really be sure is him? You pick a photo with his name on his jersey showing. Tough to eff that up. Well, tougher.

Either way, it was a good interview and Chase and Andy do look similar so it’s not that big of a deal, I guess. Just very fitting for the Friars. Even when they are covered by the national media… it’s a joke.


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One Response to Padres National Media Coverage in a Nutshell

  1. Cohner says:

    I suppose the Padres should be happy with what little press they get, even if its incorrect. After all, in the famous words of the townie in The Waterboy, “Oh no, we [they] suck again!”

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