Is This the Coolest Baseball Card Ever?

I love this freaking card. Just stare at it for a minute. So much going on there. It’s Glenn Hubbard’s 1984 Fleer card. Must be an all-star game. Why else would the Phillie Phanatic and some weird Barney Rubble looking mascot be behind him with balloons? Oh and then there’s the gigantic freakin’ Boa Constrictor around his neck. Love it. Is that a parrot head popping out on the right there? No clue what’s going on there, or why… but I don’t really care. I’ll just appreciate it.

I know Mat Latos owned about 6 billion snakes… he should do this for his next card.


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One Response to Is This the Coolest Baseball Card Ever?

  1. The REAL Mac Daddy says:

    From Philly – probably the Phanatics birthday party, they bring in other mascots, clowns, whatnot, and apparently that year a snake charmer?!?!?! I think I have this card, and it is AMAZING, yo!

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