Who Gets Fired First?

See what I did there? Looky looky… two MLB managers… two Padres throwbacks… two last place ball clubs. Just an embarrassing display of Major League Baseball. Who ya got? Bobby V or Buddy B?

The Padres are last in the NL West, a 2-8 record. The Red Sox, with much greater expectations than us here in San Diego, are last in the AL East, a 4-6 record. A couple more ass-slaps like this from Bobby and he might get fired for reasons other than coaching.

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Verdict: Bobby gets fired first. San Diego much better at accepting mediocrity than Boston. Not to say that Buddy is safe… he’s just safer than Bobby.


[ass-slap lobbed by Body]

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3 Responses to Who Gets Fired First?

  1. Mac says:

    Bobby goes first, you can’t call out a gamer like Youk and get away clean. Players love Youk, Bobby V is a joke of a coach, he can take his antics back to Japan.
    I feel for Buddy, love his coaching style, but he doesn’t have any talent to work with. They don’t need to fire the coach, they need to get some ball players.

    • bp says:

      i feel bad for buddy too.

      and yeah, real bad idea to get into a pissing match with the players that your city loves…especially not when you’re losing.

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