When Did Jason Mraz Start Rocking the Jesus Look?

Woah Jason Mraz. Easy there, big fella. Little heavy on the Jesus look-a-like action so close to Easter, don’t ya think? I’m on some ticketmaster email list and that photo came in the inbox today. Creeped me out. Granted, last time I saw a photo of him, he looked like this:

For all I know, that was 5 years ago. 10 years ago? Either way, I got Remedy for your hair. Cut it. See what I did there? So clever…


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4 Responses to When Did Jason Mraz Start Rocking the Jesus Look?

  1. BigBallinBrett says:

    BP, this is really disappointing. I really really liked this website, then all the sudden you drop a blog about how Jason Mraz changed his look. Good luck in the future. This will be the last time I read this once amazing blog.

  2. JustMe :) says:

    Jason, seriously, you REALLY look so much better with short hair. Please get it cut short again. :(

  3. GinGin says:

    I have to disagree with you guys…I like Jason’s new look. Maybe I’m the only person out there but hey…that’s ok….me & Jason like it….and probably his mom. Lol. Grant it, he does look like a totally different person but that’s ok…I’d still play with him. :-)

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