The San Diego Unwatchables

Stings a bit, huh? This is a double whammy. Not only are the Padres damn near unwatchable at times in person, they are literally unwatchable from home because I have stupidmothereffingTimeWarner and they can’t work out a damn deal with Fox Sports SD. Lemon juice just swimming around in my open wounds. Justin Halpern, the mastermind behind Sh*t My Dad Says, and fellow San Diegan, posted “If Major League Teams had Honest Names” for the AL and NL. Some are meh, most are pretty amazing and spot-on. Here are a few notables. I’ve said it a bazillion times before, nothing better than free time mixed with some photoshop skills… glorious fun awaits.

The AL East is hard. Even harder if you’re Canadian.

This one had to be the easiest to come up with.

Not cool. I’d have made fun of McCourt, not that.

Ha. Yeah, I remember… like 40 straight division titles…in one decade. Amazing.

Sounds about right.

Ouch on this last one… I have a good friend who might take offense to that.



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