Yes! Name That Beard!

Well, this is just awesome. A poster thing of a bunch of amazing movie beards. See if you can name them all. Have some fun with it. I honestly haven’t looked up all the names yet. I’m gonna create some space here… and then guess myself. Have at it.














My guesses, top left and working clockwise: The Dude, Gandalf, is that Kurt Russell?, Richie Tenenbaum, dunno, dunno, Zissou!, dunno, Pacino in Serpico, Hagrid in the middle. You’re a wizard, Harry. Man, I sucked at that. 7 out of 10. If I’m right? How’d you do?

Want to win a poster of the best beards in film created by Raid71? Head on over to Live for Films to see how.

Wait a sec, I know that name, Raid71.

Well, I’ll be damned… his name is Chris Thornley, see here. Small world, the internet.


[lobbed by frenchy]

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3 Responses to Yes! Name That Beard!

  1. Mac says:

    Is the guy on the top right the dude from the BeeGees?

  2. Dustin says:

    Jeff Bridges (Big Lebowski), Ian McKellen (LOTR), Kurt Russell (The Thing), Al Pachino (Serpico), Robbie Coltrain (Harry Potter), Luke Wilson (Royal Tenenbaums), Don’t Know, Robert Redford (Jeremiah Johnson), Bill Murray (of course), and… Abraham Lincoln?

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