Has Baseball Ever Seen Someone More Pimp Than Pete Rose?

The Battler! Found this photo surfing the web… I can’t find a photographer source, which is a shame because I really want to give him credit. This is now my favorite Pete Rose photo, and believe me, I have A LOT of Pete Rose favorite photos. He’s just so freakin’ pimp here. A t-shirt with my name on it? Check. Shades to hide my glaze? Check. A jack and coke that everybody thinks is just coke? Check. A posse behind me? Check. White shoes? Check. An audience? Check. Pocket pool in front of thousands of people? Ya damn right…

If anybody cares what my previous favorite photo of Pete Rose was… here ya go.

Also, read about Pete Rose on the Padres here. Wait. what?


[first spotted at pirate treasure]

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5 Responses to Has Baseball Ever Seen Someone More Pimp Than Pete Rose?

  1. J. Gandy says:

    I believe that is Joe Morgan is the blue captain shirt?

  2. jonesy says:

    Dude, you forgot…….sweet biceps with a farmer’s tan…check

  3. Greanthumb says:


    Pete Rose is the ultimate pimp

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