Female Sports Fans: This is How You Get on TV…

…and come across as really, really slutty in the process. Yes, that reads, directed at Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia, “Hey JP, It’s B-Jay Time!” and “JP, Check Out My Dugout.” That’s nice. Way to make Daddy proud, girls.

Also, just for fun… take note of Joan Rivers sitting next to them, and Don Zimmer sitting behind her. Oh, and the dude holding his beer can in his mitt. Gonna be tough to catch a foul ball that way… or a date with a glove, period.


[h/t TBL via The Score, Jimmy Traina]

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2 Responses to Female Sports Fans: This is How You Get on TV…

  1. Cohner says:

    I know you hate this BP, but I can’t resist…you stay classy, Toronto.

  2. little caster says:

    Hi my name’s JP and I have a robot vagina.

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