Poor Pau Gasol. Blake Griffin Abused Him.

(Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images)

That is an amazing photo… here it is in .gif form. More amazing.

That just wasn’t fair last night. The Blake Show embarassed the Llama…twice. Big Lakers fan here, but big Blake fan too… I could watch these videos sixty times today easily and be totally content with that. You know how we love our Blake Griffin dunks ’round here.

YouTube Preview Image

That, as I’ve pointed out, was bad… then it happened again. Maybe worse.

YouTube Preview Image

The dunk is amazing, of course, but what might be more amazing is the face that Bynum makes after all this goes down.  It’s just perfect.

Yup, that looks about right. Lakers won though, Pau… ya got that going for you.


[lobbed by Little Caster, via TBL via @Jose3030 and, well, @Jose3030]

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2 Responses to Poor Pau Gasol. Blake Griffin Abused Him.

  1. Dou says:

    You know Blake Griffin has superstar status when he doesn’t get called for the over the back foul/pancake tackle/diving fist drop on the first slam. The second one is more like a forearm shiver/diving axe handle. Love it.

  2. Eric says:

    I though this was really lame of Bynum. He should have been there picking Gasol up. Blake embarrassed Gasol with that dunk and I think Bynum smiled afterward and didnt help him up because he wanted to remove himself from that feeling. Like he was too cool. Just not a good thing for a teammate to do.

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