Congrats to the Baylor Girls, Sorry for Being Mean Brittney

Baylor center Brittney Griner celebrates in confetti after defeating Notre Dame 80-61 at the Women’s Final Four championship game in Denver. Griner scored 26 points and grabbed 13 rebounds as the Lady Bears completed the first 40-0 season in college basketball history. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

I really don’t care about women’s basketball. College or pro. Maybe I will someday when my own daughter plays. Yesterday, Baylor won the national title going 40-0. Brittney Griner, of course, led the way. Over the month, I’ve done a few posts about her and said some of things that were kinda mean. I think she read them. Even the nicest post I wrote about her, I said, “Also, and I’m not trying to be mean when I say this… but if you listen to her talk with your eyes closed, not knowing who’s speaking… that’s a man’s voice.” I knew that what I was saying was so mean that I felt the need to clarify that I wasn’t being mean. Okay? In this post, I referred to her as “she”, using quotes. Passive aggressive mean. She is a she… no quotes. Then I put a photo up of the predator… you know, the dreadlock comparison. Mean. In this post, even though I did say she was “crazy impressive”, I still did the “she” with quotes thing. Mean. I’m sure I’ve said mean things on twitter too… I don’t remember. Last night, somebody sent me a link about Griner. I read it. Then I felt really guilty for being a jerk. She didn’t ask to be really tall. She’s just playing the hand that God dealt to her. Anyway, sorry Brittney, I’m happy that you committed to another year of college ball at Baylor. Good for you. Good luck to another dominating year. Again, sorry for the mean things I said. You seem a good person… certainly better than me. I hope you can forgive me. Lobsters, if you’re interested in reading the link send to me, I’ll post it below.


DENVER (AP) — Baylor coach Kim Mulkey says she’s disgusted by taunting and insults directed at star player Brittney Griner on social media.

The 6-foot-8 AP player of the year is the subject of constant criticism on Twitter and other sites and Mulkey said during her press conference Monday that she’s had enough of it.

“I made a commitment my fourth year at Baylor that I’ll never read a message board, I don’t want to see any of that garbage. I don’t want to hear about it, because it’s just not right. It’s not healthy,” Mulkey said. “This is someone’s child. This is a human being. She didn’t wake up and say make me look like this, make me 6-foot-8 and have the ability to dunk. This child is as precious as they come. … The stuff she’s had to read about, the stuff she’s had to hear, the stuff people say about her, the stuff people write about her, it’s got to stop. That stuff’s got to stop.”

While the barrage of negative comments annoys Mulkey, Griner seems to brush them aside, not letting them get under her skin.

“I’ll go and search my name on Twitter, to see some of the things they say. They (school officials) tell me I shouldn’t read the blogs: They’re mean. But it doesn’t bother me,” Griner said.

She actually enjoys going on Twitter as it gives her a chance to be herself and interact with others. Just don’t expect to find her as she uses an alias. Unlike Skylar Diggins, who gained 18,000 followers after the Irish’s win over Connecticut in the semifinals, Griner enjoys living in anonymity. She says she has about 200 followers.

“I do tweet. I don’t have that many followers,” Griner said. “My name is not on Twitter. All the Twitter accounts, griner42, They’re all fake. I don’t know who’s doing them, but they’re not me.”

While Griner takes the derogatory comments in stride, her teammates don’t.

“My teammates get really mad at some stuff,” Griner said. “I’m the calm one, I know it’s not true. I really don’t care, they try to get in my head because they’re trying to stop me. When I go to a game and yelling, they’re trying to get in my head. it’s not going to work really. You’ll see me smiling.”

Besides on Twitter, Griner hears a lot of taunts at road games. She’s well prepared for the abuse thanks to her teammates.

“We do it in practice to her. She gets frustrated in practice about it, but we’re preparing her for reality,” Baylor junior Destiny Williams said. “It’s going to happen during the games. We beat her up to the point where she doesn’t feel it in a game. OK, I’ve seen worse in practice.”

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5 Responses to Congrats to the Baylor Girls, Sorry for Being Mean Brittney

  1. Mac says:

    I’d say the same goes for Kim K. She too, is someone’s daughter, that someone is satan.
    As you were.

  2. Dave says:

    Don’t feel too bad. Some girls just know how to ball. In fact I’m pretty certain that in her heyday, Mrs. BP could have taken you on the court. She’d have crossed you up and broken that other ankle of yours… Without your high school afro I bet she was as tall as you then. And I gaurantee she had a better shot.

    Sure ‘nuf. When lil BP starts ballin, you’ll be watching. And she’ll be schoolin.

  3. Baylor says:

    It takes a lot of balls, even over the internet, to apologize for something like that. Nice.

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