I NEED Kansas to Win Tonight

Amazing Kansas fan in New Orleans via @si_vault

So ‘need’ is a strong word, but I’ll win some money if they pull off the upset over Kentucky tonight. So, I really want a KU victory. I hope there are a few thousands of those dudes in the picture up top in the Superdome tonight cheering on Kansas. Maybe that’ll get inside the psyche of the unibrow. Doubt it.

It will be a nice matchup of two storied program with two legit prospects going head to head. Anthony Davis will obviously be the number 1 pick in the draft once he officially declares he’s done at Kentucky. But man, I LOVE to watch Thomas Robinson play. So pure.

Oh, and to all of you who made fun of my bracket when I posted it before the tourney started… asking if I let my 2 year old daughter fill it out for me…well, it may not have been great, but looky-looky.


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2 Responses to I NEED Kansas to Win Tonight

  1. Herm says:

    i hope you lose money….Go Cats !

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