She’s Gonna Be Real Famous… Real Soon

Awhile back, I did a post about the Palmer Cash Mystery Girl, and lobster Cohner came through huge discovering who she was, Chelsea Klikunas. Since then, Chelsea and I have been twitter pals… vowing to meet up for an interview one of these days. (surrrre)

Well, over the past few days, LobShots has been getting a bunch of hits on that old post and I couldn’t figure out why… then I saw some random chat forum was directing traffic our way, so I checked it out. Come to find out… they were all chatting about some girl in an ad on the side of their forum. Somebody found out who she was… and sent them to our site. Naturally, I wondered what the ad was that could have generated so much interest. I found it.



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12 Responses to She’s Gonna Be Real Famous… Real Soon

  1. Caster says:

    i’d like to request attendance at this interview. i’ve got a few questions of my own, by gosh. “what’d be YOUR favorite palmer cash t-shirt… to see swinging in my ceiling fan?” “what’s your idea of success… other than seeing your t-shirt swinging in my ceiling fan?” “who’s your favorite little rascal in my ceiling fan?” “when’s your best ceiling fan ceiling fan?” “if you were a ceiling fan…uhhh dammit, nevermind.” gulp. on 2nd thought, maybe i’ll just brush up on my interview skills.

    • bp says:

      might be my favorite comment of all time… in my ceiling fan.

      i’ll let you know if chelsea invites you to the interview.

  2. Cohner says:

    You’re welcome.

  3. Cohner says:

    Hahaha! I love the new “email alerts”. Now I’ll always know when I’m being verbally accosted.

  4. jjdd says:

    Holy crap! I went to high school with this girl!

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