Tebow Appears to be Saddened by the Jets Signing

I’m sure you’ve all seen this already, but since I have a gigantic man crush on Tebow and you all judge me for it, I figured you’d enjoy watching this compilation video of Tebow saying how “excited” he is to sign with the Jets during his press conference yesterday. A cool 44 times. Thankfully he didn’t stop at forty times… because I couldn’t handle all the media idiots incorrectly making Tebow parallels to the Biblical significance of the number 40. Forty days and forty nights for Noah, forty years wandering in the desert for Moses, forty days of Jesus being tempted by Satan… blah blah blah. Tebow is just a good dude, “excited” about his faith… not the second coming of the Messiah. So back off.


[lobbed by jondou]

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4 Responses to Tebow Appears to be Saddened by the Jets Signing

  1. Sugar Jones says:


    Seriously… good guys are hard to find. Maybe that’s why we’re all watching him so closely. I know my son does. Of all the athletes or celebrities he could look up to, I’m glad it’s Tebow he’s watching.

    • bp says:

      Sugar! Bringing it… love that you read the blog. Many thanks…

      And yes, in an athletic world full of Matt Bush’s, it’s nice to have Tebow out there.

  2. Mac says:

    As a testament to the theory that who a kid grows up idolizing has an effect on how they grow up, I present you with me, My idols growing up
    Barry Bonds: Alleged steroid user and total dickbag in the locker room
    Darryl Strawberry : Coke addict
    Jose Canseco: Steroid user and world class douchebag
    I don’t know if you have met me or not, but I am awesome and wildly successful in my World Of Warcraft career, I have over 7,000 Dragon Kill Points and I am a 14th level Master Warlock Apprentice.
    and…. I’m gonna stop not being funny right now, no clue what I am talking about. Telemundo

  3. jonesy says:

    All i know is I wanted to:

    1. field like Scioscia and Sax
    2. Hit like Pedro and Kirk
    3. pitch like Fernando and Orel
    4. pick up ladies like Garvey

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