Prom Swag

I’ve decided to not provide any commentary on this. Just needed you lobsters to know this person existed.

Who he is: Louie
Currently 19, about to be 20 soon :)
Puerto Rican and Black
College Student
I love sports= Ohio Fan<3

What he said:this is actually what I wore to prom ;)

I’m not a pirates fan though. I rep the city of Cleveland :) Only wore it because of the name on the back!

Thanks, Louie.


[h/t Uni Watch]


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2 Responses to Prom Swag

  1. Mac says:

    Somewhere, in one of the coolest spots in heaven, Roberto Clemente is pissed. This kid and all his stupid smiley faces. He should go take a nap in his car with all the rest of the clowns.
    Notice the 2 chicks in the background, one wearing a flower patterned table cloth and the other with a stellar neck stamp.

    • bp says:

      haha. triple whammy.
      -roberto props
      -clown napper!
      - and i knew those poor girls in the background stood no chance against the comment board.

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