Dancing Baylor Fan: Instant Legend

You kidding me with this freaking guy? I wanna party with you, cowboy.


I mean… look at him. How do you not want to party with this cat? If you ever make it to San Diego… drinks are on me, bro.


[gif via mocksession]

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7 Responses to Dancing Baylor Fan: Instant Legend

  1. Greanthumb says:

    I’ll cop a brew for his neck.

  2. OMG says:

    The chick to the left of the dancin idiot – whats up with her and her hand/leg jive

  3. Cree-dub says:

    I want to party with a team that doesn’t blow a billion point lead in the last minute in order to not cover the spread by one.

  4. Van Diesel says:

    it kinda reminds me of the Jean Claude Van Damme dancing gif. Could we please do a side by side comparison? I think Jean Claude and this due could have an incredible duel.

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