This NFL Hall of Famer is Butt-Hurt The Jets Signed Tebow

Awwww… poor Joe Namath. He’s butt-hurt that the Jets have a quarterback that is already more popular than he ever was.

“I am sorry, I do not agree with this situation,” Namath told ESPN Radio. “I just think it’s a publicity stunt. I really think it’s wrong … I don’t think they know what they’re doing over there right now.”

Tebow hasn’t played a down for the Jets and Joe Namath is so mad, he’s ready to get drunk and make out with Kate Upton on the sidelines. Awesome.

Broadway ‘bow.


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3 Responses to This NFL Hall of Famer is Butt-Hurt The Jets Signed Tebow

  1. Bull Benn says:

    Man, the jokes write themselves for this post. But kidding (and forces prospective) aside, take a look at the size difference between these two. I know, I know, Broadway Joe is old and decrepit (gums his food and his women), but this is an illustration of how freakishly large NFL players are getting. A couple decades ago Tebow would have been bigger than the offensive lineman. Crazy big.

  2. Bull Benn says:

    Here’s an example from this article:

    “An analysis of league rosters shows the number of 300-pounders has risen dramatically over the decades:
    -From a single player (Gene Ferguson of the Chargers) in 1970,
    -3 in 1980
    -94 in 1990
    -301 in 2000
    -394 in 2009.

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