Pau Gasol is NOT Mentally or Physically Challenged… Promise

I’ve watched Pau Gasol play… like, a lot. I know he is a very talented basketball player. I don’t buy into the whole “oh, he’s soft” crap. I love him on the Lakers. However, if I’d never seen him play, and you showed me these two photos that lobster Eric M. sent me… I’d put down money he was handicapped. Mentally, physically, or C) all of the above. Take your pick.


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6 Responses to Pau Gasol is NOT Mentally or Physically Challenged… Promise

  1. Cohner says:

    Definitely in the first photo. Not so sure about the second one. If so, how does that defender feel about getting schooled by a “REtard.” (in my best Alan impersonation from “The Hangover”)

  2. Greanthumb says:

    Dont u “work”? Lol
    Pickin’on talented tards r u? Too He’d school u in a dead sleep(lookin ultra terry” .. Bet.

    • bp says:

      what’s ‘work’? i know not of what you speak.
      “talented tards”… I’m filing that gem away.
      terry!!! haha

  3. Bull Benn says:

    I choose answer “D.” Which is “the whitest Spaniard of all time.” Seriously, look a his shin in that second picture. That guys is nearly see-through. Gross!

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