Jonathan Broxton is a Very Large Man

See? This is the kind of crap you miss when you leave town for a few days. That’s Everett Teaford (listed at 5-foot-11, 155 pounds) and Tim Collins (5-7, 170) wearing Jonathan Broxton’s (6-4, 300) pants. When my brother and I were little kids, we used to do this with my grandpa’s pants… and I was amazed that two kids in elementary school could fit into a fat mans pants. These are professional baseball players… none of whom are named Eddie Gaedel. Unbelievable.


[if you didn't click the Eddie Gaedel link... you should.]

[via Everett Teaford’s Twitter account]

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2 Responses to Jonathan Broxton is a Very Large Man

  1. Eric says:

    Did anyone read how Eddie Gaedel died?… He was beaten to death on his way home from a bowling alley. Talk about getting a bad beat

    • bp says:

      If I remember correctly… it was because he was poppin’ off in the bar too. He loved to pick fights. So bizarre.

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