And The Jets Have Signed a Cartoon Character

Dunno why I never posted a picture of LaRon Landry and his freakishly large guns, but now that he’s signed a one year deal with the Jets, I figured it’s a good time to put it up. Maybe he can give some hitting lessons to Cromartie… that little freaking Sally.

Oh, and just in case you thought that he’s one of those gym rats that is idiotic and only works on their biceps… um… yeah… he’s not one of those guys.


[via @mrlandry30]

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2 Responses to And The Jets Have Signed a Cartoon Character

  1. Showman says:

    How come he has tats on his right bicep in the second pitcure and not the first picture?? Either it’s fresh ink or another incredible photo-shopping job by BP.

    • Silver says:

      Showman, it’s called a mirror. When you get home tonight take a picture of yourself in front of a mirror, I guarantee your unicorn tat will look like its on the other arm.

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