What in the Horse Hell is THAT?

Welp, LobShots mystery solved… now I know how those Amish buggies were able to flee the scene of the crime so damn fast. Musta been wearing this extra creepy horse compression full body suits. Easily the weirdest thing I’ll see today.


[via Gawker]

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18 Responses to What in the Horse Hell is THAT?

  1. DetroitPD says:

    BP – I didn’t know your ex-girlfried was into scuba diving!?!?

  2. Mac says:

    I am so confused, First, how in the horse hell do you put one of those on a horse. Like how do you get a giant horse leg into one of those tiny sleeves. I hate this thing.
    Also, what the F is the point of this? So the horse doesn’t look fat when it puts on regular clothes? You are out of your mind if you are gonna tell me this helps the horse run faster in any way. I hate it so much.
    This thing creeps me out. If its a male horse, where does his dangler go? Ugh this thing is the worst

  3. The Black Pearl says:

    This is some disturbing shit, BP, we might need a full tell-all expose on this topic. Call up the company and get an interview or something. I haven’t been around a ton of horses, but I do know for certain that if you grab their legs and F with them, they gonna kick you right in the dick. That’s what they do, they dick kick you if you mess with em. No chance you could get me to try putting one of those on a 1,200 lb animal that has Steel shoes one.

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