I Hate You, Cholafied

Yes, there’s an entire website devoting to making celebrities “cholafied“. Super racist. Super stupid. It hurts my eyes and my heart. I mean, look what they did to Kelly Kapowski… tragic.



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8 Responses to I Hate You, Cholafied

  1. Mac says:

    Are you just trying to piss me off today? First the stupid horse suit now defacing the lovely and talented Elizabeth Burke!!!!

    side note: Did you ever notice how similar Kelly’s name in White Collar is to the real life name of Jessie Spano? Elizabeth Berkeley. Coincidence? Mac says nay!

    • bp says:

      my mind is kind of blown by the elizabeth burke/elizabeth berkeley parallel. $20 bucks says tiffani thiesen has never even put that connection together.

      • Mac says:

        You should tweet her on your twittering machine and find out. I will not accept your bet, but I’d sure like to know.

  2. Cohner says:

    You can mess with Leo and Tiffany Amber Thiessen, but when you mess with The Hof, its on!


  3. Dou says:

    This coming from the dude who brags about his bitmap paint skills? I smell a hater …

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