Whose Foot is in Whose Mouth? Starring Yu Darvish, Orlando Hudson and Will Venable

I was listening live to xx1090 radio when Darren Smith was interviewing Will Venable about facing Yu Darvish. Darren baited him a bit about Darvish’s comments, and Will obliged. Darvish had said, about Will’s deep double to center field,

The wind helped that one. I don’t think he really squared it up.”

Will’s response was great. “The wind saved it being a home run. I also heard he said he didn’t think I squared up that ball. I don’t know, maybe something was lost in the translation. But I would like to hear a little more humility out of the guy. To each his own, I guess. He’s a confident guy. And, of course, I didn’t square up the ball because he’s Yu Darvish.

You’re damn right he’s a confident guy… look at him drink water like a topless boss.

Anyway, I knew the comments would make headlines today, and they have. Deservedly so, it was a great response by Will to a dumb statement by Darvish. But the interview I’m a bit surprised hasn’t got more publicity was Orlando Hudson’s, the only other Padres player to get a hit, a double, off of Darvish:

He’s got a whole country on his shoulders,” Padres veteran second baseman Orlando Hudson said. “He’s got pressure from Japan. Pressure from the States. Pressure from ESPN. That’s a lot of pressure to live up to. But I think he’ll do a hell of a job. He’s got seven pitches to embarrass you with. He’s like Nintendo up there.

Haha. See, I think that’s funny. O-Dogg’s a funny dude and he’s complimenting Darvish. Nintendo. Love it. Saying he’s almost robotic and can do whatever he wants to at the mound as if he’s controlling a video game. Huge compliment. Now, this is where people might want me to read further into this than should be read… Yu Darvish is Japanese. Nintendo is a Japanese company. If ESPN put up a headline comparing Darvish to Nintendo, they’d hear about it. Clearly, Orlando Hudson is a racist!!! No, no he’s not. Stop being dumb, people.

Aside from the Nintendo allusion, which was great… this has got to be one of the best quotes ever. Massive humble brag by the O-Dogg ever. “he’ll do a hell of a job. He’s got seven pitches to embarrass you with…(and I just got a double off his ass!!! How ya like me now, bitches!!)”


[lobbed by Laura, @tenthandisland]

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2 Responses to Whose Foot is in Whose Mouth? Starring Yu Darvish, Orlando Hudson and Will Venable

  1. Laura says:

    Well said. I was kinda hoping for a photoshop job of Darvish in a Mario Bros mustache and suspenders though.

  2. jonesy says:

    Its early spring training. The dude is just one notch above pitching BP. He aint gonna show off the goods just yet.

    And why should he be humble to Venable? Venable sucks.

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