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Ryan Leaf Was Arrested on Drug and Burglary Charges. SERIOUS!?

Great Falls Tribune – Ex-NFL quarterback and Great Falls native Ryan Leaf was arrested on burglary, theft and drug charges, according to officials at the Cascade County Detention Center. Detention center staff said Leaf had already posted a $76,000 bond … Continue reading

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I Need This Blake Griffin Image Made Into a T-Shirt

I need that image on a soft t-shirt, preferably American Apparel… is there one out there on the interweb?¬†Honest question. Help me, lobsters. -bp

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More Throwbacks Unis for MLB

I hate the Giants, but I love me a good throwback uni. These are the uniforms that the Cubs and Giants will be wearing on June 2nd. They’re from 1912. They’re awesome. That chick on the left can’t be happy … Continue reading

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Jimmy Rollins High School Prom

You mad, bro? J-Roll…real hard core. (an aside, i love that random bloggers out there are posting this photo, mocking it, and pretending theirs wasn’t just as bad. mine’s worse, guaranteed.) -bp [via TBL via crossing broad]

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A Real Life “21-Jump-Street-esque” Undercover Cop

LA Times – Police in the Central Valley town of Exeter have identified the officer who went undercover at a high school for eight months in a “21 Jump Street”-style drug bust. Alex Salinas, 22, helped authorities arrest 13 people … Continue reading

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Recess is Over, Fox Sports San Diego… Do Work

Time for the new Fox Sports San Diego (FSSD) to put their big boy negotiating pants on. I’m really happy for those of you with DirecTV or Cox. You will be getting the Padres home opener. But I’m not one … Continue reading

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I’d Pay $500 Million To NOT Hear What You’d Do If You Won $500 Million

The content over at someecards is hit and miss. This one knocked it out of the park. I’ve made it clear on twitter and here on LobShots, I’m buying the Padres and this Honus Wagner T209 tobacco card when I … Continue reading

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Inspired by Kate Upton, Knicks Crushed the Magic Last Night

So, my fianc√© Kate Upton went to the Knicks game without me last night… and they got the W. Coincidence? I think not. More photos here. But this one says it all, “Really, you’re still taking pictures of me? Stop.” … Continue reading

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March Madness Online Ads are Making a Killing

Let me just preface this by saying that Turner and CBS are killing it on ads. $60 mill. LobShots will generate approximately .06 cents in ads from this post. Give or take a nickel. I’m in the wrong business. That’s … Continue reading

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Photos of Paulina Gretzky Never Get Old…

It’s my own fault, but man, it’s getting kinda old… getting emails every day from lobsters that don’t use twitter… “what’s up with Paulina Gretzky? how come you haven’t posted lately?” Geez… come (Freudian slip) calm* the freak down, you … Continue reading

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