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  1. Squrtzaye says:

    Mark Grant does a very nice job of posing for that Friar Logo.

  2. John Melillo says:

    While the photo of a real Friar was taken in 1966 (published in the NY Daily News – and there more to that photo that is actually shown here) I guarantee that FR. Cappy (Capistran Ferrito is his real name) knew nothing of the PCL Padres at the time, let alone their logo. I knew FR. Cappy, he performed the wedding ceremony of my wife and me. He was a long time family friend. It wasn’t until years after his death in 1986 that I became aware of the 1966 photo. I did some research to find out that Carlos Hadaway drew the “Friar” in 1961. But when the “Swinging Friar” was drawn is something I haven’t gotten the answer to, yet. The original drawing was of a Friar with bat in hand but not swinging it yet. So the jury is still out if FR. Cappy hade his famous swing BEFORE the drawing of the “Swinging Friar” was done.

  3. John Melillo says:

    I need to thank Bill Swank, famous San Diego historian, for his help and kindness is gathering info on the “Swinging Friar”.

  4. John Melillo says:

    Check out the website thearizonakid.com to read the story of Carlos Hadaway and see pictures of the Friar in the early days. Again, the Friar wasnt swinging yet when he first drew him.

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