What the Hell is Wrong with Dillon Baxter? Already Booted From SDSU’s Spring Practices

Dillion Baxter - Mission Bay High School and USC

Serious with this friggin’ kid? Dude was 1st Team All-Planet at Mission Bay High School… he went to USC and was expected to be the next Reggie Bush, but was an idiot, left the school and… yea for us… came to SDSU. The next Ronnie Hillman, right? Not so much. Not yet, anyway. UT-SD is already reporting that he will be “held out of spring practice at SDSU for a “variety of things” that happened since his enrollment last month, head coach Rocky Long said Tuesday.” Rocky went on to say “He’s working on personal issues and academics, and if all that turns out all right at the end of the semester, he’ll back with us at training camp (in August).” See that? If… IF!! Get it together, Dillon. This crap isn’t gonna cut it. You were given a golden opportunity here in your hometown to make amends for being a clown at USC… don’t let it go, dude.

Oh, if you didn’t get a chance to go watch him play at Mission Bay. He was unreal. Here are his stats as provided by the USC Media Guide:

BAXTER’S 2009 MBHS STATS – Baxter completed 102-of-166 passes (61.4 percent) for 1,968 yards with 26 TDs and just seven interceptions and ran for a San Diego record 2,984 yards on 261 carries (11.4 avg.) with 50 TDs (he also caught a TD pass) while accounting for a state record 79 touchdowns on offense, had two interceptions and scored twice on defense and returned nine punts for 117 yards (13.0 avg.) and 11 kickoffs for 179 yards (16.3 avg.).

Yeah, it was like that. Like I said, unreal. Here’s to Dillon getting his life back on track and SDSU being a catalyst to the greatness he once displayed. Also, I wonder he did and/or didn’t do that got Rocky Long all fired up? Would love to find out.


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5 Responses to What the Hell is Wrong with Dillon Baxter? Already Booted From SDSU’s Spring Practices

  1. Cohner says:

    Here is his lone highlight from his career at USC (go to the 50 sec mark), and its from practice no less.


    In addition to not living up to team rules at USC, when he did see the field he was too slow. This ain’t high school anymore, Dillon. I hope you get your life together.

    • bp says:

      damn. i know that was practice, but that was a sick run.

      • Cohner says:

        Problem was that it was all he ever did. When he got in games, albeit in limited action, he proved to be very slow. All those cutback lanes he had in high school closed much faster in college. The running back coach worked with him to be a one-cut and go back, but by the time he started learning to do that, he got in trouble on numerous occasions.

  2. Wildman says:

    Love the Baxter vs Point Loma HS picture. Good to see my alma mater on Lobshots….kinda.

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