Worst Window Sticker Ever?

I heart my wife too, bro… but that’s ridiculous. What do you lobsters think this cat’s deal is? Here are the top things that came to my mind.   He:

A) Cheated on his wife
B) Lost a bet
C) Just really loves his wife and felt the need to share it with all California drivers

I’m stumped. Killer Rav4 though.


[lobbed by Kristine]

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3 Responses to Worst Window Sticker Ever?

  1. jackson says:

    Has to be A.
    What a idiot.

  2. Kris says:

    Its a Christian group that does this. It their way of showing they are faithful not only to their wife, but the church.

  3. Squrtzaye says:

    The driver is a lesbian super-model who has just married a female russian tennis star. Dream on pervs.

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