To Honor Michael Jordan’s 49th Birthday: His Greatest Posters

Kid MJ is turning 49 years old today, so in honor, here are his greatest posters ever made. There are a lot to choose from. This first one is from the best poster makers in history: The Costacos Brothers. Pretty sure the rest are, not shockingly, Nike. Click to enlarge.

All are awesome. To close it out… my personal favorite: W I N G S


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7 Responses to To Honor Michael Jordan’s 49th Birthday: His Greatest Posters

  1. steve thayer says:

    I had a poster on my wall for years of Jordan no-look dunking while turning his head to glare at Craig Ehlo. I wasn’t a big Jordan fan but that shot was the best poster I’d ever seen so I bought it. Now I can’t find even a picture of it anywhere on the internet.

  2. Cassandra Safar says:

    Do you know any way of how I cAn get the mj playground poster?? Thanks :)

    • Mike says:

      I have one…you mean the original one where he is on his own, or the one where he’s dunking over all the kids in the playground? I have the former…it’s mounted on foam. I have no idea what it’s worth…I was holding on to it because it was the original Air Jordan poster, but at this point, I’d probably be willing to part with it for a fair price.

  3. Brent says:

    How much is the jordan free throw line dunk poster? I have the one with the Nike in the top right corner, I was wondering how much it is?

  4. Erin S says:

    I still have the free throw poster, but the original one, it has everything he did that year in 1988 on the bottom border, and I have the jordan/blackman one, and the wings poster in a nice frame..

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