You Like Bradying? Expect The Following in Return From Me…

The very nature of this Bradying…is designed for a kick in the nuts. You’re not looking at what’s coming… legs spread… it’s a wide open shot. Right under the clasped hands… straight to the jimmy. So, out of principle, if I see anybody Bradying, they’re getting a kick to the nuts. Such a stupid trend.

That name of mine…you know that clever little handle I have… “bp”… yeah, well that “b” stands for something: Brady. My name is insulted by this crap.


[lobbed by Bull Ben, pic via Bleacher Report]

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2 Responses to You Like Bradying? Expect The Following in Return From Me…

  1. Mac says:

    This the best new trend ever, way cooler thank Tebowing or Planking or Owling. I love it. You wouldn’t be able to kick anyone in the nuts from that angle, you’d have to do some weird slide tackle kick and the clasped hands would just block it. Long live Bradying.

  2. Caster says:

    a weird slide tackle kick, mac? and risk a yellow card…hhhiiiiiiidon’t think so. get your sh*t together.

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