Party Gronk is in the House Tonight….

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Lobbed by Little Caster, I’ll let his commentary speak for all lobsters:

Gronk is the definition of party animal. all day. every day. day by day…and here’s another video of him at UA during the lockout, doing the same thing.”

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Bottom line is…why didn’t I go to UA?”

A fine question, Little Caster… a fine question indeed.


[via barstool]

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2 Responses to Party Gronk is in the House Tonight….

  1. little caster says:

    And this was a recent twitter post by the youngest gronk:

    “ggronko Glenn Gronkowski:
    Now that the season is over when are @DGronko @GordieGronk @RobGronkowski @Chrisgronkowski coming to kstate to party!?”

    The Gronk family is a clan of savages in all human form.

  2. Cohner says:

    That’s funny, he doesn’t seem to be having any trouble bouncing around on that “high ankle sprain” in the video.

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