San Diego’s Morning Radio Darlings, “Scott & BR” are No More: Scott Kaplan Fired by XX1090, What About Billy Ray Smith?

**Updated**The below story was originally published on Feb 6th at 8:33pm: since then, Scott Kaplan has something to say: Wouldn’t you if you just got fired? Think he’s being genuine? I do. (via UT-SD)




Original blog: So, news broke a couple hours ago that Scott Kaplan had “officially left the organization” over at xx1090. We all know that means he got fired for his comments about a female reporter, Andrea Lloyd, at The Mtn network, who also happens to be a WNBA Hall of Famer, and an Olympic Gold Medalist. They’ve already been booted off the xx1090 website. Here’s a screengrab.

Scott and BR… *poof* gone. Here is what the xx1090 website has up about the “firing”.


San Diego, CA, February 6, 2012 – Dave & Jeff, an established and highly successful sports talk radio duo in San Diego, will begin hosting our new morning sports and entertainment talk radio show on XX 1090 Sports Radio, on Wednesday, Feb 8 from 6:00 am to 10:00 am according to Tex Meyer Vice President and General Manager of BCA Radio and XX1090 Sports radio. This time slot has been occupied for the last 11 years by The Scott & Billy Ray Show. Scott Kaplan has officially left the organization while Billy Ray Smith is still considering future projects. According to Meyer, “We are making this significant change in our morning programming after very careful consideration and evaluation of several important factors. Dave & Jeff have an established and highly successful tenure in this market and we look forward with great enthusiasm to their vibrant humor, sports knowledge and overall fresh approach to our supportive and highly loyal listeners.”

Why did all this happen, you ask? Not going to re-write the whole story, so here’s the back-story from UT-San Diego, then I’ll tell you what our sources over at xx1090 are saying about what really happened with Billy Ray Smith.

UT-San Diego - XX Radio host Scott Kaplan has been fired after making disparaging remarks about a female broadcaster for the Mountain West’s television network.

The station announced Kaplan “has officially left the organization” without giving a reason for his sudden departure. But a station source who was not authorized to discuss the matter said Kaplan was fired.

Kaplan’s comments drew outrage after being reported last week in UT San Diego. On his daily sports talk radio show Jan. 25, Kaplan called Mountain West studio analyst Andrea Lloyd a “beast,” an “animal,” a “monster” and a “sasquatch of a woman.”

Kaplan left to do his show at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis last week as the story was reported in UT San Diego on Jan. 31. Upon returning from the Super Bowl, he did his last show Monday morning and was fired later in the day.

As a result, Kaplan’s longtime show with former Chargers linebacker Billy Ray Smith is canceled. The station said Smith is “considering future options.” The new morning show, starting Wednesday, will feature longtime San Diego sports radio duo Dave Palet and Jeff Dotseth.

Kaplan and Smith didn’t return calls seeking comment.

An email obtained by UT San Diego indicated that the station’s general manager, Tex Meyer, had spoken with Kaplan about similar previous remarks.

The email from Meyer was in response to a listener who complained about Kaplan’s comments on Lloyd, a women’s basketball Hall of Famer.

“I want you to know that I have had similar discussions with Scott Kaplan in the past about this subject matter,” Meyer wrote to the listener. “We are sensitive at the station to any derogatory remarks that are made about anyone and don’t tolerate it.”

Meyer apologized to the listener.

Kaplan’s latest remarks were made in a conversation with a caller shortly after 6 a.m. Jan. 25. They lasted for more than six minutes.

Kaplan said, “I think that she is currently a woman. I cannot confirm for you that she has been a woman her entire life. My guess is that at some point she had some form of surgery. Have you seen this chick?”

He later said, “I’ll take Holly Rowe’s giant butt any day on ESPN, compared to this sasquatch that they use.”

Kaplan and Smith have been a morning fixture on San Diego radio for almost 11 years. Depending on the viewpoint of the listener, Kaplan could be funny, wisecracking or offensive, with Smith often laughing at his sidekick’s remarks. Their show had a locker-room banter popular with male sports fans and had frequent references to the physical characteristics of females.

Sometimes it pushed the envelope and became a liability.

Kaplan previously was sued by a woman he called a “skank” on the air when he worked for XTRA Sports 690 in 2001. The woman sued him and the station’s operator, Clear Channel Broadcasting, for slander, libel and invasion of privacy in 2002. The case was settled confidentially in 2004.

In that case, the woman had Kaplan’s car towed in October 2001 because it was improperly parked. According to the suit, Kaplan approached her and said, “Do you know who I am? You’ve ruined my day, and I have 80,000 watts over which I can broadcast your name.”

The woman’s husband was listening to Kaplan’s show the next day when Kaplan said the woman’s name and called her a skank.

“I saw what she was wearing to work,” Kaplan said, according to a transcript cited in the lawsuit. “Yeah, I saw. Okay? She was dressed like as if she was supposed to be hot. But instead, she wasn’t hot.”

An official with the network wrote in an email that he was “disgusted” by Kaplan’s remarks and called Meyer to express his concern.

The station’s press release Monday said, “We are making this significant change in our morning programming after very careful consideration and evaluation of several important factors.”

So, that’s where we’re at today, Monday…the show is cancelled. “The station said Smith is ‘considering future options.’” That’s only part of the story. “Considering future options” implies BR is still on staff. In fact, that’s exactly what other San Diego media outlets are reporting.

That’s wrong. From what our sources at xx1090 are saying, Billy Ray Smith is NOT “considering future options”, rather he resigned on the spot as soon as he was told that Scott Kaplan was fired. That’s right, according to our source, BR is gone too. For a guy as loyal as BR, this shouldn’t surprise anymore. (**updated: as is usually the case with “sources”, we have another San Diego radio insider coming forward with intimate knowledge of the situation saying that BR is still “deciding what he wants to do”. I can say for a fact that an employee inside of xx1090 confirmed that BR resigned on the spot, but I certainly wouldn’t put it past BR to slow down, take a deep breath, and reconsider once his emotions subsided. We shall see how it plays out.**) The story also doesn’t mention that, although Dave and Jeff will be taking over the morning show, for now, they are also keeping on staff Scott and BR’s two sidekicks, John Pratt and Carlos Montoya. Scott and BR show loyal listeners, which I am not, know them as Pratty and Los. Click through to see a photo Scott and BR tweeted of them sleeping on the plane heading home from Indy for radio row at the Super Bowl.

Scott and BR were loved by many in San Diego… honestly, I never listened to them because my schedule doesn’t permit me to. Years ago, when I could listen… I thought they were pretty funny. There are others in San Diego… that HATED the show, and desperately wanted it off the air, despite it’s 11 year run. Their futures? Scott will be just fine, as he’s a pretty connected dude.

You don’t get pic with Zac Efron if you’re not connected… or Jim Brown, or Vernon Davis, or Drew Brees, or George Lopez, or Jimmy Graham, etc.  As for BR, he’ll join Scott when their show ultimately gets picked up by someone else…. which I think it will, in some fashion, possibly television. Oh, and if you’re wondering about Andrea Lloyd, the woman who Scott opened up his yapper about that ultimately led to his firing…well, here a couple of WNBA basketball cards I found of her when she played for the Lynx.

Scott Kaplan called her a “beast,” an “animal,” a “monster” and a “sasquatch of a woman”…and it got him fired. No comment here.

Okay, fine… one comment: keep a sock in it next time, Kaplan. You’d still have a job if you did.


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214 Responses to San Diego’s Morning Radio Darlings, “Scott & BR” are No More: Scott Kaplan Fired by XX1090, What About Billy Ray Smith?

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  2. AJ Smith says:


  3. AJM says:

    I’m guessing Kimberly Hunt talked some sense into BR. That or BR’s fading memory has already forgotten what happened.

  4. Mitch Perdue says:

    Time to go back to the DSC!

  5. Irene christian says:

    Scott was definitley wrong with those horrible comments and deserved some kind of punishment and/or heavy dollar fine. However, for me theirs was the only show on double X that I listened to. Hacksaw is an Egotistical Jerk, etc. The rest are boring.

    I hope Scott & BR stay together as I will follow either of them wherever they go!

    • bp says:

      hacksaw: egotistical clown* is more accurate. i don’t think he’s a jerk… he’s a clown though.

    • e.g. says:

      I feel the same way. Especially that 2 pm slot. These 2 guys that fill the scott and br slot are so frigging lame. They are trying too hard to be like the duel that they replaced. Not gonna work. And if the radio station believe d & j are goin to be tuned in to u better look again! I’ve tried to listen but, they sound too simple-minded for my taste. Won’t listen anymore. Radio 570 for me…

  6. Kam says:

    It really sucked bigtime when I hear about the news. I listened to the radio this morning, al I always did weekdays, and was horrified to hear the Coach’s voice. I just thought maybe Scott & BR were on travel back to San Diego only to get a text message from my sister about Scott’s sudden ouster. Eleven years goes ppfffftthh…gone, no more. Hacksaw is fine, Darrin is an ass who should stick to being a beat writer and away from the airwaves – Marty would be better to lead the show, and Coach is a nice local guy but has no balls whatsoever to be critical of anything. I’m hoping Scott & BR show will remain intact along with its engineers/producers Carlos and John and be picked up quickly from another local radio station. Yes, Scott could tone down his antics of describing people, but everything else about the show are fine with me. Perhaps Hacksaw can follow them and piggy back his show after Scott & BR at a new station. :)

    • bp says:

      honestly didn’t know there were people that existed that like both Hacksaw AND Scott & BR.

      • padrefan69 says:

        Love Scott and BR – The only thing wrong with the show is the commercials that come on every two and a half minutes. Will not listen to Hack-up-saw.

  7. ron says:

    This was the only show that was of interest on the station. Enjoyed it on the morning drive. You can have the rest of them including Hacksaws retread rug.

  8. Ann says:

    Much like everyone else, this was the only show I listened to on XX 1090. Everyone else is just either too annoying or boring. It is an utter disappointment that I will no longer be able to hear them in the morning, and I believe 1090 will soon regret it. They won’t be able to refer to themselves as “San Diego’s leading sports station” or whatever anymore.
    As a female, I do get surprised from time to time at Scott’s antics especially towards women, however much like he described, I merely saw it as “guy talk” or “locker room banter” rather than offensive. He was very entertaining and made me laugh in the mornings, unlike anyone else on that station.
    I really hope they get their show back on air at another station, with the whole team in tact.

    • bp says:

      female point of view… not offended. interesting. thanks, ann.

      • Chris in Colorado says:

        Good riddance to Scott, sorry BR is loyal to that knuckle dragger Scott.

        I was an avid fan at first but over time Scott was so offensive I just stopped listening in the morning, even when I moved to Colorado I still would listen to the station on line, but not S&BR.

        Ann your not offended?, what’s wrong with you?

  9. LakerCrazy says:

    This Is Just An Excuse For The Station Getting Rid Of The Scott & BR Show!….XX1090….Hated It When They Had To Back Down…From The Last Contract Squabble….And Put The Show Back On The Air!…Dave & Jeff…Are A Pair Of Re-Treads…Who Couldn’t Make It At Any Other Station….After They Got Canned At…XTRA 1360!…But Then Scott Should Know..If You Keep Poking A Stick…At The Boss….Especially If He’s Named..”TEX”….Your Going To Get..BIT/FIRED!…Now The Station Can Void Their Contract…Citing Scott’s…”Inappropriate Comments”…As “Cause For Termination”…Without Costing Them A Penny!….That’s Why They Didn’t Fire BR! And This Case Is A Little Different…Andrea Lloyd…Is A Public Person…Not A Private Citizen!….Only One Thing To Say…SEE YOU ALL IN COURT!

    • bp says:

      i’ve never seen anybody write that much while capitalizing the first letter of every word. amazing.

    • Steve Cowen says:

      Agree. This, in my opinion, may well be about money. As I understand it, the station wanted the morning guys to negotiate down their contract in order to decrease station expenses. The station paid too much for the Padres rights. The morning guys would not back down so the station waited for them to screw up so they could then fire them, and save the money. This had nothing to do with Kaplan’s comments. I do hope the morning guys do sue.

    • Bruce says:

      Didn’t consider the public person angle. This could be a ka-ching moment.

    • Mac says:

      I don’t… Really see…What all the… Fuss is… About… It’s… Clear… that LakerCrazy is…Writing this… As if he… Is talking… On a… Walkie Talkie…

    • Wunder says:

      Are you writing… on a ticker tape machine… hooked up to the internet?

  10. Daniel says:

    I cannot say I am “happy” to see Scott get canned because as much as I think he deserved it, I am not happy he lost his job.

    Ultimately he dehumanized someone to a degree that is completely unacceptable. I listened to Scott and BR often on my commutes. They were at times funny. Most if the time BR was a voice of reason and entertainment. Scott would as uncomfortable questions, obviously on purpose, and would talk a little loosely about women. To the point where his constant: “Cougar” “Hot mama” “sexy piece” “Milf” comments was just overwhelming and very uncomfortable.

    I listened to all 6 minutes of his tirade on Andrea Lloyd. If any of you have daughters or sisters you would have been horrified. “Beast” “Monster” “Animal” “Sasquatch” were just the most offensive in minutes of fat “jokes” and ugly “jokes”.

    Scott’s style wasn’t completely unappealing on a day to day basis, and sometimes, when he stuck to sports rants, and inspirational stories he was actually really good. Its a shame he couldn’t stick to what brought me in originially: Iron Man talk, bringing in disabled athletes, talking passionately about sports, having less silly interviews (just less, don’t embarrass a guy) he would have been an amazing asset.

    • bp says:

      do you have a link to the audio?

    • Bree says:

      For real, I have a mom,wife and 2 little girls. Scott’s comments did not bother me one bit. If your self esteem is that low then you need help. If your fat your fat, hell I’m fat dose not bother me, if I was ugly (hell sometimes I think wife thinks I am ugly ) it dose not bother me. We listen to Scott & B R for what they think. If he thinks she looks like a wilder beast that’s his opinion we agree or we don’t (I happen to agree) that his opinion. Now if we know we r ugly the get makeup, I’f your fat , get slim fast, slim slow, but don’t get your panties in a bunch over an opinion!

  11. Kathleen says:

    seriously bummed out – loved that show. People say worst things about the President of the U.S. on a.m. radio and are still on the air.

    • bp says:

      yeah, but would they get kicked off the air if they called michelle obama a sasquatch of a woman?

      attacking politics is one thing… personal appearance another.

      • BriMo72 says:

        Guess you DON’T listen to AM radio much…yes the attacks do get personal and the same people are still on the air. Conservative and Liberal types.

    • e.g. says:

      Exactly! These “talking heads” like rushthepillheadlimbugh (more like idiot) s/d have been canned years ago. He single handedly got a doctor killed thru his comments and he didn’t suffer any consequences. Over-reaction…radio station just jumped at the opportunity to rid themselves of their payroll…

  12. Rick says:

    I normally listen to only 2 shows from 1090. Scott & BR and Hacksaw. Everyone else is boring. Now I will only listen to Hacksaw and will follow Scott & BR wherever they go. It’s a 6AM “sport guys” radio demographic people! Get over it! I will even pay for Sirius radio if they went that route. A smart station would pick them up and put them up against the SAW. Wow, after that, the station manager will have to be FIRED!!!

    • bp says:

      again. baffles me that scott and br listeners also like hacksaw. always felt like it was one of the other.

      if scott and br went up against hacksaw head-to-head… same market… it would be a blood bath. scott and br, FTW

      • demetrio gomez jr. says:

        I would really like a opportunity to be able to fire mr. meyer, I understand about being politically correct but damn this woman has her issues whether you think or agree that she is big foot she is large and she will always be large; get over it but it is a good reason not to listen to this radio station; sometimes you can be overly sensitive sports show is not the place for this suits maybe they can be traded so they can run the miss america contest, hell their such nerds I would even trade them for A.J. Smith at least he knows he is an ass!!!

  13. Cesar says:

    I will be looking for Scott and B.R. at they’re new station which I’m sure won’t take long, as for xx1090, I might listen to Hacksaw in hopes he might someday actually let one of his callers talk, the rest of the shows are pretty boring!

  14. Mark says:

    Very disappointed to see the best morning crew to go. I agree with the earlier comments that a large fine would have been sufficient. Scott and Billy Ray are the only show for this station as I’m sure you will see by the declining interest to advertise on xx1090. I can’t wait to find the next station that picks them up. Bye bye 1090.

  15. Bonnie Bravo says:

    I miss them already. They were so good together. Hope they get another gig.
    From, female senior citizen sports & comedy fan

  16. JACK says:





    • Chris in Colorado says:

      I’m with you Jack, but I think we are in the minority here.

    • dgomez says:

      scott and billy ray were not for everyone all you have to do is change your station as for me I kept trying to find them cause the two replacement suck, and even the best 15 minutes on radio still leave 23 hours and forty minutes to fill the rest of the air time, see you: I will listen again when they fire Mr. meyer

  17. Consuela says:

    Great now they’re left with “Aww Shucks” Coach K telling us what he had for lunch, Hacksaw’s made up stories and canned interviews, and maybe the most annoying of all, Darren Smith and Testosterone Girl. Smith might be the most condescending host I’ve ever heard. Never tires of telling you that he’s from NYC, and does’t have any emotional attachments to the local teams like us peons. Yeah, I know dude, I get it, got it the first thousand times ya mentioned it as well. His whole whiney monotone metrosexual act would probably fly on the east coast but here it’s dull dishwater.
    As has been said, the morning show was the only thing on that station worth listening to, they even butcher those Mexican PSA commercials worse than anyone in town btw, listen to other stations using the same scripts lol. Will be following the boys wherever the land, 1360 if anyone over there has any brains(Dan Patrick….really?)

  18. Debbie says:

    Firing Scott Kaplan and thus the resignation of BR is, yet again, another huge mistake of management at XX1090. The morning show – albeit sophomoric – had some great interviews with ex-Chargers that many of still love (LT, Drew Brees) and really good interviews with Padres staff, Aztec coaches, etc. Scott’s comments occasionally made me cringe, but Hacksaw’s berating people on the phone continually and Kentera’s down on the farm, homey banter cause me not to listen. I do listen to Darrin (who’s great claim to fame interviews are Ryan Leaf and Kevin Acee) and Marty – but merely because I am bored on the way home from work. By the way 1090 – I actually bought a Flo-t.v., have called Corky’s and tried Sonic – because of their advertising. I am sure that I am not the only one. As for your “popular” replacements – I have never heard them, and never will.

    • bp says:

      thought it was strange to refer to the replacements as popular too.
      however, i did enjoy listening to jeff when he was with josh rosenberg on 1360 before it was josh and charod.

  19. Don says:

    Boy! No Scott & BR Show! I listen to these guys in the mornings. I guess–I look for another sports radio station. Later!

  20. Sean S. says:

    Uncalled for on a morning talk-show especially when directed towards a woman. Listened to them on occasion and they were pretty average however attracted some good people on the show. Check out my blog for the best sports memorabilia on the web… Twitter” “

  21. Jason says:

    I am extremely upset to hear that Scott and BR were ‘let go’ because of opinions on the airwaves. Last time I checked it was okay to give an opinion about a public figure. I also agree with the individual that mentioned it was due to the contract negotiations and how bitter XX 1090 was about the whole process. The only reason I listened to the other hosts was because I started listening to Scott and BR. Management of XX1090 was looking for a reason and they had the Super bowl week to find their replacements and then hand Scott Kaplan his pink slip, while expecting Billy Ray to follow. What a shame and mismanagement by overly sensitive executives that are always looking over their shoulder, due to overly sensitive listeners. Get over it’s SPORTS TALK RADIO, meaning female or male, the beast is open to commentary by it’s hosts….

  22. Sonny says:

    Good for you Scott ! Your talent will be much appreciated elsewhere ! To hell with them if they cant take a joke !

    • bp says:

      although i can appreciate you wishing scott well in his future endeavors, i don’t think he was joking. he thinks that andrea curry is real ugly.

  23. james johson says:

    I thought Scott was funny some of the time, but comments were very bad. BR was humorless, and contributed nothing to the show. Hate to see anyone get fired, but those kind of comments reveal alot about Scott and the society we live in.

    The coach is the only reason to listen -

    Try and make a positive contribution to this world …………

    • bp says:

      i’m all for a positive contribution for the world… but to say that “BR was humorless, and contributed nothing to the show”? that’s rubbish.

      • Mick says:

        That’s HIS opinion, let’s say BR’s contribution was much less significant and the fact he constantly agreed to Scott’s sexist and slanderous bantering lead to his dismal also.

  24. bailiff says:

    Xx1090 – you just lost your most prize posse
    ssion. Yours truly and the rest of my loco friends here in san Diego and not to mentioned my buds up in Orange county will follow Scott and BR wherever they go!

  25. alfredo says:

    Bad move XX1090. I’m one of many listeners who will be looking for another station to listen to.

  26. Ronald E Feldman MD says:

    The big loser is xx1090. Childish knee jerk reaction from management.

    Why cancel the only fun show in San Diego ?

    They will be missed.

  27. HB Listener says:

    I think this had a lot to do with being harsh on Charger management. I thought he was right on, spoke the truth. However, nobody dared to come on. No Rivers, Norv, AJ Smith, VJ etc. Maybe station mgmt. wanted to muzzle Kaplan. He once said, unlike Mike & Mike we are not given a script. The Andrea LLoyd comment was harsh, but early in the morning and how many times was Kaplan really out of line? A suspension, yes, firing? No. They wanted to get rid of him. He will do fine, that wasn’t his only gig. Just sad, no good bye. Makes me angry in a way.

  28. Eaton Bush says:

    Look Like XX1090 is going to be “nicer Radio” the one voice that doesnt kiss the chargers backside is now gone, why dont you just play mexican Psas all day
    now no one on that that station will have the testicular fortitude to say anything about anybody ,why not call Dr Laura?
    thank goodness for am 570 sports

  29. Bob says:

    No one has mentioned sponsors, I am guessing they will leave in droves. Scott & BR were very close to a National show. I have listened to most sports talk shows around the country – Scott & BR trump most of them.

  30. km92101 says:

    Turn on Scott/Br this morning. They weren’t there. Figured they hadn’t made it back from the Super Bowl yet. I was disappointed. I turned to another station immediately knowing I would catch them the next day…..and it ain’t going happen.
    Say it ain’t so!! Who else do they have that can offer up some laughs on your way to way to work in the morning. I hope to find them both on another local radio station. I’ll be there~~

  31. Christina says:

    Not surprised – he’s been walking a thin line for awhile. As much as I have always been more comfortable around the boys & love my sports as passionately as any other – Scott made me cringe quite a bit. Not enough to make me complain to station management, but enough some mornings to turn the channel. Radio is losing money like crazy and I know that the last round of contracts were touch & go with their show. I have close friends who worked for the management group while John Lynch was still in charge and Scott was the constant thorn in their side – a lawsuit waiting to happen from their perspective. But, they also had very loyal fans and I know even after Scott would piss me off, I would tune back in after taking a break. They will be missed for sure.

  32. sf says:

    You don’t fire them..make Scott do a public apology…now SD has no good morning sports show…I will be tuning in to KLAC..

    Typical management bonehead move..I think the station really didn’t want to pay them. Remeber they had a contract dispute a while back and I am sure management was looking for anything to break the contract..

  33. don says:

    We will see how long you have your job. Your just like the padres and chargers always dumping talent and salary. Your job is to keep ratings up. This big SHIT you dumped on your former listeners will not be forgotten. F.O.A.D. (Really.)

  34. Mark says:

    This pure Crap! What the hell is XX1090 thinking? I guess there not! Shame on them!

  35. John R. Sanderson says:

    My opine….
    If you are in the public eye….take the good with the bad and “GO”. Freedom of speech??? You ought to hear the verbal abuse OBAMA gets…and TIGER the JERK. Plus the obese ones who eat themselves to death. A talk show is a talk show. Accept the opinions…if you no likeee…call in and use YOUR freedom of speech. The overpaid “prima donas” in sports can take the verbal abuse or “RETIRE”. If I were making millions for playing a kids game 6 months a year…nothing would bother me. SO THERE !! Pussy cat station with no BACK BONE.

  36. Jack Bohlen says:

    I guess Tex saw Scott finally as more a liability than an asset. Just a necessary management decision he couldn’t sit on any longer. Scott impressed me with his recall of all the names and incidental facts discussed on his show(rivaled only by Coach Kentera ) He is type A personality who will likely land running elsewhere possibly in an improved situation. I’m more concerned for his “Side-Kick” B.R. who seems r

  37. Daniel says:

    Wow, I had no idea so many people celebrated a 6 minute dehumanizing tirade on a woman. Scott was a misogynist hack who made me cringe constantly. XX1090 I am booking my Honeymoon through Hawaiian Airlines now that you fired Scott. I was going to use AAA, but now, HA vacation package.

    They were not even close to a national show. Scotts constant talk of “Del Mar Milfs” “Hot mamacita” female anchors on fox, his constant disparaging religious remarks were done for. I liked some of his stuff with disabled athletes, his Iron Man exploits, and his obvious respect for the military. However, calling a woman a monster and a beast and questioning her gender is disgusting. Words are more powerful than you think, and his lack of desire for an apology is ridiculous.

    Plus as the Padres flagship station, having two guys who obviously hate the sport is obviously going to do nothing for your chances of keeping the Padres.

    Long live Jeff and Dave.

    • don says:

      Keep the padres thats real funny daniel. Especially since the padres never keep anyone. And the chargers they only keep bad players. a.j. doesn’t want to admit a mistake. Scott was the only one to tell it like it really is around here. I’ll just say one more thing to the padres and chargers management. If you let your fans down enough times they’ll learn to hate you. Dude’s your already there!

    • Mick says:

      Agree! Scott was a tool, a little man who thought he was God’s gift to the sporting news world when in reality he was in the bottom percent of broadcasters. I was flabbergasted at how many times he compared himself to REAL broadcasters or celebrities! I once heard him question why Ryan Seacrest was so popular; are you kidding? In the many years of American Idol and other shows, I’ve heard Seacrest stutter once for one nanosecond whereas Kaplan often couldn’t get though one sentence without multiple stuttering, umms, ahh’s, and false starts. Perhaps it explains why Seacrest just landed a 300 million dollar contract and Kaplan FINALLY got fired.
      Take a look at and you will see many people who can’t stand Kaplan and wanted him fired years ago. He was sexiest, degrading, and was warned on several occasions. Hello! Do you know who I am?” This question is always asked by people who think that they have the power to destroy another person! Sadly, they are a legend in their own mind.
      He calls a woman a beast, an animal, a monster, and a sasquatch of a woman and then TRIES to say it was not meant to be mean spirited? Incredulous!

      • Chris in Colorado says:

        I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Scott went home and told his wife he was fired for degrading a woman on the air. He loved to say crap about his wife and in-laws on the air, now the tables have turned. He gets what he deserves.

    • Guido says:

      Daniel, it sounds as if you listened to their show often d:

  38. NativeSD says:

    Thank you Daniel for nailing it. I am shocked that regular listeners to the Scott & BR show are whining and crying about a racist pig who had it coming for years. It’s amazing he still had a job back in 2001 after a lawsuit. Any Scott sees a big woman who is prominent who just goes off with the insults and I am sure he’s laid it on thick to currently the best woman’s player in college, Britney Griner. I remeber when Kaplan got disciplined over remarks concerning ESPN’s Dana Jacobson.

    Finally to all who are so bored and will miss Scott Kaplan:
    1. Get a job.
    2. If Scott was so into toilet and gutter ball humor where’s the insults for Kimberly Hunt (Billy Ray’s Wife). She’s a master at putting on makeup.
    3. If Scott’s not going to apologize I wonder how he would feel if we had comments for his wife, the mother of four. Fat Skank????

  39. Chris Chartier says:

    Are you kidding me?

    I see a coupel of things about this firing
    1. John Lynch is no longer in charge of this station
    = cut expenses = get rid of huge salaries
    2. The same station manager /director of programing was in charge of the old 690
    = 690 is no more with Scott & BR landing on 1090
    Calling someone a beast, saquash of a woman gets you fired?
    = most radio sports, guys talk radio shows will be cancelled as a result.
    Are we this lame or politacally correct of a society tonot be able to say anything, even in bad taste?

    Let us know where these guys land, I WILL TUNE IN.

  40. SHARKY says:

    Honestly, I frankly became very tired of listening to Scott & B.R. This was supposed to be a “sports” program. Scott consantly would discuss subjects other than “sports (i.e. personal life, movies, the oscars, etc) I heard more “sports” with Hacksaw’s 15 minute summary of currents “sports” than in the entire Scott & B.R. Show. It became more like “Rocky & Bowinkle” than a creditable “sports” program. I welcome the change.

  41. Freddy says:

    I knew San Diego had it’s fair share of feminine men, but jesus.. some of you GUYS are really showing your womanly parts. There are WOMEN on here that are saying that his comments were not that offensive. To see guys crying about a few choice of words is seriously sad. Scott & BR were the ones that brought me to xx1090, and with their “departure”, they will also be the reason I’m leaving xx1090. Bad move.

  42. Eddog says:

    We already got tf all media and Scotty Ferrell all we need is Scott and Br come on over to real radio not all of this censored nonsense babboey to y’all.

  43. Paul Nauert says:

    They could not get AJ Smith or Norv Turner fired so it is approriate that they go. See ya!

  44. Joe91978 says:

    XX1090 has definately lost a bunch of listeners including me. Hopefully your Mexican Government commercials will bring in more listeners than the new morning show.


  45. pat in o.c. says:

    Scott and Billy Ray gone? Again? 1090….you brought Lee Hacksaw Hamilton… As I recall he made some rather, well, racially insensitive comments on a national level.

    Hacksaw is now employed by your station, again. Jim Rome, WNBA. Need I say more. You have heard your own station, right? Horses, WNBA, Jim Rome….not to mention his infamous Mary Carillo comments, A Raunchy Chick In The Barrio schtick… He is now on a national tv and radio show. But, Scott and B.R. are gone, again?

    I would suspend the host for a week. Slap him on the hand. Ask him to refrain from horrid, and rather stupid, female descriptions. Again.

    I am sure the two will show up on another station or outlet sooner, than later.

    Oh wait, there’s Howard Stern on NBC prime time. A fine example of upstanding verbal descriptions of women in sports.

    If you are going to replace them full time….could you find someone, a pair of hosts, who make you feel awake at 6:00 a.m.? Truly, the two gentlemen on today put me back to sleep…


  46. Marty says:

    Sorry to see BR go. Scott always came off as a sexist and a homophobe. I would have liked their show better if Scott could have done less critiquing of other announcers and talking about 24 or some other TV show and instead learned something about baseball. While Scott and BR know there stuff about football they were very weak in many other sport areas. Scott has a great radio voice but when compared to other sports talk guys seemed to have very limited knowledge.

  47. Scott says:

    I’ve been listening to these guys for all 11 of those years. In a small media market with not too many choices, they were by far the most entertaining show in the local a.m. sports radio market by a long shot.

    Does Scott Kaplan push the envelope? Absolutely. Does he say things that on air that his wife cringes at? Absolutely (he admitted as much, time and again on the show). Does Scott Kaplan go over the top and use hyperbole on the radio? Absolutely. Does Scott Kaplan say things on air that he shouldn’t always say? Absolutely.

    It’s radio….hyperbole is required. If you want something different…or are easily offended, or believe that all radio should be politically correct…then don’t listen…it’s called free will fellow San Diegans…you can still make a choice last time I checked.

    Humble pie can be a b*&^% ….and Scotty should have stepped up sooner after the UT and Mtn. Network came out firing, if for no other reason than to appease those who were most vocal about his misfires recently. In the end, it probably cost him his job, and will cause quite a bit of embarrassment for his family as they navigate the local community (Carmel Valley in particular). He may not be able to apologize his way back into a job at 1090, but he can certainly save some face…as he has done today…and realize that even though there are plenty of us who “get it” and realize this is only radio…there are still quite a few folk out there that like it when their radio host holds some of his/her material while on the air.

    Best of luck Scotty. You’ll be missed.

    • anthony says:

      Well said, Scott. Tex, “you’re an idiot”, in the words of Marty……give her the afternoon anchor chair and fire Darren Smith. I thought broadcasting meant selling ad space on the air, Tex, you’re an idiot and hope your customers see what a blunder you’ve commited with their advertising dollar.

  48. LJ says:

    I was late to the party….I turn on Scott and BR in the morning on the way to work and I find out they’re gone. I didn’t agree with everything Scott K said, but I am tolerant. Unfortunately, I can not tolerate listening to XX1090 without Scott & BR. So, its time to move on. I hope they get a new spot soon. I miss their banter already. I wish them a lot of luck.

  49. Vince says:

    Sorry to hear about Scott and BR being taken off the radio 1090. I thought they had the most intertaining and informative show on the radio. Want to know who picks their show up so I can tune in again.

  50. Lou Filliger says:

    Huge loss to morning talk radio. Wish that when people are offended they work behind the scenes to get an apology rather than have the host fired which only hurts the thousands of people who listen to them every day. Hope Scott and BR turn up somewhere soon where they do not have such a strict censorship policy. What do you expect from a Mexican radio station anyway.

  51. Temecula Car Guy says:

    I agree with those who have complained that there was just not enough sports content on this show and it’s gotten steadily worse. Kaplan is an ass with little or no self respect. He has displayed this numerous times with his comments. I remember when he crushed his Prius when he hit a deer on the way to work. The diatribe about the incident was deplorable. Many of you may recall.
    I do feel the same way as others that I hate to see anyone lose his or her job, but in my humble opinion he had it coming. I wish them both the best, but am not sorry they are gone, in fact I knew this was coming I just didn’t know when…

  52. Robert says:

    Come on! this show is for MEN the demographics show it. Men talk like that. That woman is a Friggin beast.
    This is wayyy overkill by a bunch of pushover wana be management.
    have some b++ls

  53. Waylon Betty says:

    Another Critical voice that kept the chargers honest is silent, you will now hear only what they want to be said, its seems that many do not like scott’s anecdotes on life in an around san diego and want a stricter sports venue, All you will find on 1090 now are all of the ass kissers that will say what they are told to say, and Scott is such a bad person? anyone ever hear of the great friends foundation? of the scholarships given to local kids of military decent,the funds raised for the challenged atheltes? Yes he made a mistake but he has done far more good for San Diego than harm…

    • Chris in Colorado says:

      All his charity work were tax write off’s.

      Scott is about Scott he thought he was above everyone and looked down on the world. Pride comes before the fall.

  54. Mperry says:

    Good riddance! The only thing tolerable on their show was when they did Sleep Train commercials!

  55. JC says:

    It’s about time! It’s a little late, Scott was/is offensive, his mockery of black athletes, drove me crazy! His black dialect when blk athletes gave quotes was equally offensive!

  56. alfonso says:

    Drew Brees already contacted Scott about a secretary position. On a serious note this is the only show that had balls to call people out. All others saw, coach, and darren are too nice of guys. Saw rants on way to much. Billy Ray was a perfect voice of reason. Scott had the spark to push people threw the morning hours.

  57. Lunch Bunch says:

    I want to hear from you Imperial Beach. Big foot country sound off!

  58. Mary says:

    I totally think XX1090 management over-reacted. It makes me think this was about cutting payroll. I enjoyed the Scott and BR show. Scott could be over the top, but I took it as entertainment. I am female, over 50, and managed HR departments. Andrea Lloyd is a public figure, so I think she is fair game. I emailed the general manager and got no reply. I think all of you who think Scott shouldn’t have been fired should email him as well. His email is [email protected]

  59. rudy says:

    So now 1090 has that idiot Hacksaw, The Coach and Mr. Wilson(Darren) UGH!!!

    Scott and Br were MY ONE and only reason for listening…. and now! I guess I have to listen my Ipod… ah well, baseball season is coming up… so will there really be anything of interest going on in San Diego.

    Hah!! The Saw, The Coach and Darren…. what a line up!!! (shakes head)

  60. SDFrankie says:

    Scott is an annoying place-kicker with below-average intelligence and a sense of humor only a freshman in high school could appreciate. I remember his lengthy schtick about not understanding the NCAA’s policy about 5 years to use 4 years of eligibility. It went on and on and was not funny in the least. That was Scott. Get on a lame joke and ride it until the wheels fell off. Then ride it some more. Not funny. Not clever. The only one worse on that station is Darren Smith. That guy sounds like he really can’t be bothered with his own show. He talks like we’re interrupting his tax preparation appointment. He actually finishes a complete sentence about once an hour. “I dunno…I mean if you’re gonna do something like…like..I’m just saying….uh…it’s just my opinion…you might disagree, but to my mind…ya know…a guy like…like…what…like what…sheesh…”
    He can fill half an hour with that gibberish.

  61. Mercedes says:

    The only 2 choices for my morning drive kfi or 1090. I would have rather lost the Chargers to LA than Scott and BR. They actually deliver on the air and it actually felt that we were sports town with pride. Rip 1090

  62. Jill says:

    Scott and BR were my saving grace for a long, boring commute… I finally accepted that they were gone when I heard Dave and Jeff’s bleak attempts at trying to replace my morning entertainment… Now what am I going to do besides get irritated with the stupid people driving 65 in the fast lane?!

    I am so tired of this crap. If the show offends you, then CHANGE THE CHANNEL!! I’m a female who loves sports, and listens for information, but enjoys the show because guys just have a better sense of humor… I just roll my eyes (and usually laugh) when I hear this stuff, just like I do with my guy friends when they’re being lude and inappropriate… Does it really make you feel so great to get someone fired for this, taking away something that so many people enjoy? If you’re a loyal listener, then you shouldn’t be surprised by Scott’s banter and harsh opinions. If this continues, I can only imagine how boring our world is going to be…

    Have people forgotten Howard Stern? Look at his popularity! I can’t stand the guy and I’m offended by everything about him, so guess what? I DON’T LISTEN TO HIS SHOW!!!

    I am joining the long list of people here, and anxiously awaiting Scott and BR’s return to the airwaves… forget the station, I’m loyal to the people! And I miss them already…

    • Don says:

      Good said Jill. I echo your thoughts exactly!!

    • Christina says:

      I agree. When Scott made me cringe, I changed the channel. Simple as that. Then tune back in on another day and listen for several mornings and then if he went off again – *click* – now, I am sure any radio station management doesn’t want to hear that, but the reality is we have a lot of choices and will make those of our own free will all the time. What offends me, wont offend the next guy (or gal) so it all balances out.

  63. DoubleJ says:

    so let me get this straight… Kaplan goes over board with sexist remarks and gets fired.. Hacksaw CONSTANTLY refers to all Raider fans and others as “gangbangers and thugs” while using other racial stereotypes to describe people and he is allowed over and over again to get away with it?? Hacksaw tells everyone he “doesn’t give a DAMN what you think” and then expects people to call in, he tells them what he thinks is the truth, and then we get stuck listening to his egocentric 1 hour rerun of daily sports news.. seriously, I listened to the show at 10, 11 and 12 and heard the same thing each time.. XX 1090 will no longer get my ear… you lost me at ROME!

  64. hawk says:

    Sasquatch should be offended.

  65. Rick Reyes says:

    I never liked this show. Scott always was talking someone down, like he is someone special. The way he talks, it is amazing he is still married. Hard to believe he has kids too. Usually when a person has kids they tend to change, but no, still popping off on someone. He was rude.

  66. SoCal Sports Fan says:

    Do the math… the station violated Scott & BR’s contract two years ago by cutting their pay, and then lost the resulting contract dispute. Kaplan has said many similar and sometimes far worse things with no issue whatsoever – the station loved the ratings it delivered. In fact, on a scale of 1-10, his Sasquatch comment rates about a 3. Bottom line (and that’s what this is all about, the bottom line), Kaplan’s comment gave the station an excuse, however thin, to dump salary. Their contract was up this year anyway, but this way they saved ten month’s money.

    Personally, I was tired of their show – they had started believing their press clippings too much, plus all the talk about Great Friends Stables was booooring beyond belief. But, now I find myself rooting for them to land a morning drive gig elsewhere and kick 1090′s ratings butt.

    What’s left on 1090? Blowhard Lee Hamilton – pass. Darrin Smith and Marty – they’d be better if Smith would stop repeating / defending his opinions so much. John Kentera – possibly the most irritating host they have… with his steady diet of the Padres and Chargers Kool Aid. The new morning guys – Zzzzzzzzzz. And lastly, what about those annoying Mexican government commercials / PSA’s? Here’s a question – if these things are aimed at Mexican citizens, why aren’t they in Spanish? Answer: money. The station wants the ad revenue they bring, but is afraid they’d lose the bulk of their audience if the ads were in the language of the country they’re aimed at.

    I’ve got no respect for 1090, and like I did with ESPN on my TV… I’ve tuned out.

    • Don says:

      I could be wrong, but I believe those PSA’s are required as long as they broadcast from Mexico. They don’t receive squat, but must broadcast them to keep their license. They’ve said many times it was a necessary evil.

      • Joe says:

        You are correct…Mexican licensed stations (first letter X in their call sign) must broadcast PSA’s to keep their license.

        • c says:

          Yep. They broadcast from Mexico to avoid US fees. More profit for them, higher taxes (or debt) for the rest of us
          Also, I think 1700 is the same owner. I actually don’t mind the Herd, ‘cept it’s not local.

          • John Baker says:

            It’s not so much the fees as the license slots (not many US spots in SoCal left on the radio spectrum) and power above what the US will allow — 100,000 watts for 1090, which I have heard clearly in northern Humboldt County.

  67. freDDy says:

    Scott is a HNJB and a A$$ Clown the show is not funny and stinks as a sports show.
    If I want sports i tune in to the coach and now Dave & Jeff. If I want humor I tune into Howard Stern. Scotts lame act should be on Z100 I bet that tool worked there before. I like the story about his car getting towed. The big shot thought he could park anywhere. Scott u know who I am, yes a big d-bag. Good luck finding another job to feed youe 5 kids, dude wear a bag! BR can live off his wife’s paycheck. Darren smith & dull saw r so f-ing boring. I love to see marty get her own evening / late night show. Chris ello is a jack off and a bald, fat with lots of loose skin.

  68. Lou Filliger says:

    I think the writing was on the wall when they were forced to take a 3-week “vacation” right during the heart of the football season in December, 2011. Perhaps the station wanted to see how bad the ratings would get without them during that 3-week period. There was clearly already bad blood between them and the station. It might just be cheapness on the station’s part. I agree that this Sasquatch thing was just an excuse to let Scott go. If the station is downsizing their payroll then I would guess Hacksaw (aka “butterknife”) would be the next to go. I just hope wherever Scott and BR turn up it’s a station I can get reception for on my radio. Re: “If I want humor I tune in to Howard Stern” …. well, that labels you as someone with neither taste nor brains.

  69. Erik says:

    Scott making front of the way a person looks ever lookat yourself, it looks like you been slapped with a yarmulke. na na na na na na na na hey hey goodbye. Don’t let the door hit u on the way out. Later Loser!

  70. Janet says:

    I am so disgusted that 1090 fired the my favorite guys! They were the only reason the station was on the air. I too will no longer listen to the station and eagerly await finding out where Scott & BR end up. Guess this means I’ll no longer listen to Padre games, Ted was the only reason I ever listened to the station on the ride home. Hope Scott & BR end up in LA soon, I need to get 1090 off my pre-set stations and replace it with where ever they end up!

  71. Mike says:

    Good luck finding another job that pays a jb 200k a year to work 4hrs a day!
    Now u will have to get a real job and work 10-12 hrs a day 4 50k. I forgot u have zero job skills better wait on the corner on your knees and bend over in hillcreast and start sucking& getting pounded to pay 4 your family haha. So glad u got canned made my day lol.

  72. Juan Carbajal says:

    Scott got what he deserves.
    He’s very negative, and thinks he
    Knows everything.
    I’m glad he’s gone.
    I’m sorry he left because of that moron
    But he’s all class.

  73. mloessel says:

    As with many of the postings I was very surprised when I tuned into xx1090′s am sports show and Scott and BR were not there … instead I was listening to Dave and Jeff. The bios on these two made me wonder why don’t they have their own show. I’m guessing they did but when Scott and BR were canned they were ready. And according to their bios they have a combined 30 plus years of broadcasting experiencing. As I recall they were on 1360 so I wonder what happened to that broadcasting gig. Anyway I will give them a listen but may switch once I find where Scott and BR land.
    Regarding xx1090′s current line-up I’m not a loyal listener. Hamilton tries to be funny … he’s not. And he considers himself the best … he’s not. I’m curious if they have an extra chair in the broadcasting booth for his ego. And I do believe he enjoys listening to himself hence his tendency to cut off callers. And then you have DS who talks way too much and sounds like he’d rather be some place else. And how the Coach has lasted this long is beyond me he is sooooooo boring. The saving grace for me is switching to 1360 sports radio in the afternoon when I’m driving from A to B. As to Scott’s comments yes they were offensive but a public apology would’ve been more appropriate.
    Finally there’s been postings on salary issues and whether Scott and BR’s salary was over the top and XX needed a legit reason to let them go. If there’s any truth to that then a wrongful termination suit may be in the future. We’ll see how that plays out. For my am drive I was switching between 100.7 fm and XX. I like the DSC show and Scott and BR. Now I will give Dave and Jeff a try. I don’t do 1360 because Dan Patrick has a national slant and his broadcasting style is to dry for me.

  74. Jarod Stammen says:

    Mr Lynch the old owner at XX1090 now owner at SD Tribune had a part in it because Scott an BR stood up to him when Lynch wanted to cut their pay! Scott and BR will have the last laugh when they get picked up soon! your a big D Lynch!

  75. jameswmott says:

    show must go on……see DSC…… Scott is too gifted for A M radio but can parlay this into something more! a sports based comedy show makingt lite of all things sports,, San Diego sports teams and the people that run them make the show, ie the Dsc listeners, there are so many characters in this town too chose from, be it out of towners or locals , material is endless, anyway , football is over nothing for them to talk about for a couple of months refresh , recharge, comeback strong bury 1090 all is well, bottom line is they sell advertising , just give them some space, oh , btw Michele O ‘bama does have a horse face doesn’t she ! throw her a sugar cube.

  76. Don says:

    Kaplan would be great on a TV show like the now cancelled show on Fox Sports Net, “Best Damn Sports Show”. That show was made for someone like Kaplan.

    • Guido says:

      I’m not so sure he would do well on a “scripted” show. In hindsight, maybe a “less live” show would have been good. Seven second delay… maybe a six minute delay c:

  77. CAM says:

    Scott Kaplan is OK on the radio. ALMOST every morning he goes into gray areas with something or another. I really mean it (almost every morning). I am not a hater of SCOTT, I think BR should have took him to the side a long time ago and school him some. At least if he did, he could sleep better at night. It is what a mature athlete does with HASBINS!!!! (never was and a wanna be pro athlete, SCOTT). I blame Scott, BR and the radio staff for not reeling this guy in long time ago. The more he did it, the more he felt comfortable pushing the envelop.

    • jameswmott says:

      noone would ever listen to that show if it wasn”t for Kap, if he wants to be serious about sports he does a great job, but seriously, how can you be with San Diego sports teams, have been here all my 53 years and our sports teams owners, players, are mediocre at best, it is easier to make light of them than discuss serious statistics and such, come on , in the long run its adults playing a kids game and making millions doing it, most athletes are so full of themselves they deserve to be smacked on .

  78. Mike says:

    Glad they are gone! They were all mouth all the time. This is not the first time they a
    have slandered someone. Maybe they should clean out their own closet before passing judgement on someone else. If Scott was so darn good at what he did why was he on the radio. He was egatistical to so say the least, BR was just plain boring with an crazy stupid laugh. SEEYA! the door has hit you in the ass, Chainsaw is next.

    • Lorenzo says:

      Hey Mikee,

      I think that crazy stupid laugh was B-ray’s only defense mechanism that he had against Crazy Kaplan’s mind control over him ? ? ?

  79. mark says:

    cant believe scott & br are off the air. the new morning guys are very bland. it was nice to have hunor to start off a day. I”ll follow them where ever they broadcast from. now i now why all the teams are leaving the mountian west

  80. anthony says:

    This is typical of SD sports/media, everytime there’s a winner in town somebody with power sees to it that it goes somewhere else. Scott and Br were not mean spirited and Tex will now be the proud owner of a boring radio station. Scott and Br were fresh ground breaking entertaninment that was compeling and eye opening in the morning. Darren Smith is painful to listen to, Hacksaw is offensive and equally boring. John Kentara is knowledgeable but also painfully boring at times. Tex, get with the times, if you’re going to be in broadcasting be innovative and stop boring the public. Scott Kaplan was not afraid to offend people because his comments were never mean spirited. His style is new, fresh and entertaining weather you agreed with him or not. Now he’ll go by the way of Jim Rome and all the great athlete’s who have left SD who once played here for the Padres and Chargers.

    • Jon says:

      Ground breaking? Are you serious..the only ground that should be breaking is the Grave they bury this terrible show in. Deep.

  81. dave c says:

    Scott Kaplan had been pushing the envelope …. way beyond capacity. BR had taken a hands off approach for far too long ago. BR should have been let go for harassing and terrorizing the producers. What a prima donna BR is. Scott was working on his freeform am jock shock bit and when he got on a roll he did not know where to stop. He was hard to listen to at times. just as BR was hard to hear at times…most of the time. All we got from BR was a lame comment and a lame laugh. They did get the interviews and were the only fresh take in town, and no excuse for SK foul mouth and misogynistic comments. She is an olympian, for SK to not respect (and know) that is inexcusable. SK had been taking over the show the last year or so. I felt something was up with SK, he wants more…but…I heard his comments live. He was definitely out of control and the end was very near and it proved to be true. BR is not needed in SK’s future, SK is workin sideline nfl games, SK will move forward. BR is a homer and will always be a homer.

    • Armchair Stains says:

      Yo Dave C+…

      Brotha, U ain’t neva lied ! ! ! Iza hopes every buddy heah kin seez DA TRUTH dat rings crystal clear in every word yooz wrote heah — especialies Srotum Katpan (yeah, wheez nose hebee Googoo’in hizzies naym & lookin ova all da comments hear, der & everywear)…

      For awll dee’s years he bin feelin’ lyks Mighty Moufth just speeeww’in owwts grey poop’on – for awll da fools out der willin ta eats it (uhhm lyks anthony – mark – jarod stammer etc. etc. etc.) Dood must’ve drove his wife & Bubba Rae’s wife crazy (eva notice he don’t be wearing da wedding band lyks Bubba Rae did awll da tymes?!?) Iza bets Kimberly Wipes is happy he got da boot up da big waahzoo, sows she kin now shakes up her hubby from hizzies perpetual high scool adolescence attitood (wonder why she nevah took hizzies naym).

      And weather or not Bubba Rae lykes it, the best thang that coulda evah happen to him just did — cuz sumtymes when ya surrounds yahself wit sow much poop, ya can’t tells how bad yahs be smellin’ too ! ! !

  82. Topcat128 says:

    It’s all about money, especially in Radio, today. Scott and B.R. were just making too much money for a station that is losing money right and left. They should have taken the lower money. That’s what their job is worth today. The question is what are you doing for me today, not last year or the year before. Too many people think their job is worth much more than it really is.

  83. K Houser says:

    Drew Brees, Ladainian Tomlinson, Darren Sproles and a host of others over the years.
    This is what we do here in Sandy town Scott and BR are just the next great thing we lost. I can’t wait till Phill’s BBQ and the Midway leave town…why if the ocean could put together several ebb tides it would be headed to Japan now. Maybe we need Mexican radio to blast out of TJ .I would rather hear Scott and BR talk about Jai Alai
    then listen to Hacksaw’s psychobabble. All I can say is thank God Football is over for the now and I guess I can figure out who Bon Iver is!

  84. Squrtzaye says:

    XX1090 line-up—–Peat & Repeat–Cracksaw–Dullen Smith–&– Cooch Can Boreya

  85. Hugh Beaumont says:

    This is a good thing. Scott and BR were adolescent hacks, yukking it up about trivial stuff, trying to be entertainers rather than sportscasters. BR’s pathetic, forced guffaws at everything Scott said was almost painful to listen to. Good riddance to two dopes.

  86. Dan Smith says:

    I will miss BR’s & Scott’s impersonations of ex-charger LT, Vincy, and all the brothers. They were great with ebonics.

  87. Jon says:

    Thank God he is gone. Now listening to BR fumble and mutter and offer nothing but guffaws and yelps is over. Terrible show.

  88. Jon says:

    Now if they would just get rid of D. Smith and his hour long ramblings about where he is going to watch the fgfame and what he likes to do while he watches the game. He reminds me of a human version of a high school parer by a student who has no information to speak of but just keeps writing and writing more nothing to fill a page requirment. Can’t they get Jum Trotter to do a show?

  89. Jeff P says:

    Live in LA, listened to 1090 for S & BR. Now will go elsewhere.

    PS – she is pretty huge.

    Just saying……

  90. Trey says:

    Seriously? Now we’re going to care about what guys say on the radio? Where’s Howard Stern in everyone’s memories? You take these guys too serious. They’re not supposed to be role models, religious leaders or politically correct. They’re supposed to be who they are and that’s fine with me. Be honest and be yourself. Call them out on it and argue with them. But firing them because of it wreaks of inconsistency. Rush, Hacksaw, and a couple of other guys I can picture but can’t remember their names all get their jobs back. Let him squirm it out on the air and have him apologize then move on…it’s just not that interesting to be fired over.

    • Bob says:

      Comparing them to Stern is a joke. Seems that most of you don’t know that Stern was fired a few times and fined numerous times for his comments. He earned his ability to say what he wants and he had to go to satellite to say what he wants now.

  91. A. Diaz says:

    Scott should have been disciplined, fined or suspended but not fired. Scott & B.R. were good for the morning show and people listened. Advertisers trusted them and their ads worked. The replacemnets are just sooo boring and I will no longer listen. I have never heard of those two goons. “Dave and Jeff”?! really? Sounds like they are trying to make them sound cool when the show actually sounds monotone and dull. Hacksaw needs to give listeners a chance to speak when they call in and Darren Smith just puts me to sleep. He has his moments but for the most part he and Marty occasionally talk over each other. Scott occasionally goes overboard and gets obnoxious on the air. It was only a matter of time before something happened to him for the things he would say on the air. Perhaps he will learn from this and become a better Radio personality because of it. I think another station would be smart in hiring Scott and B.R. but they should stipulate in their contract to be mindful of offending public figures.

  92. Phil says:

    I was pissed when I stopped hearing them on my way to work. The new guys are BORING. Bring them back.

  93. Bob says:

    I think all of your mothers are whores. But it’s ok it’s my opinion and I can say what I want.

    I’m sure he was warned plenty of times and this was just the last straw. You people read way too much into a small market radio show firing.

  94. hip hip jorge says:

    Good luck guys. You are sorely missed.

  95. hip hip jorge says:

    You people in San Diego just don’t get it. Scott Kaplan was saying what we were all thinking when it came to the Chargers’ scum of a GM and owner. Who was on the first morning with the brown nose guys? Why it was the scum of a GM. He was scared shitless of Scott Kaplan!!! Ok, so Scott went crazy with his desription of the young lady. You SUSPEND the guy, not FIRE him. There’s a reason he lasted 11yrs.—RATINGS. John and Ken in LA are always getting in trouble, but they are a cash cow. So was Scott Kaplan. Be safe Scott, and good luck. No, I’m not a relative.

  96. Doc says:

    Loved their show and the synergy between crazy Scottie and cool BR. Hope they are back on air soon.

    I think the station manager must of had other agendas beyond being “pc”. If not may the women in his life are wearing his pants.

  97. Mike Moosmann says:

    This sucks. I liked both of these guys. This is Radio and it is subjective. Anything else would be boring. When are these people (COA of the station) are going to realize this? Stuff like this brings ratings, and that in turn brings in money. They are just doing this to protect themselves from lawsuits. So sad that we have to live by this loophole.

    Scott and B.R. RIP

  98. Joe Demelo says:

    Scott was terrible…appears not to put effort in any research about sports, talked too much of his personal life, bike trips, and added too much filler to occupy their time-slot. If you listen to their entire show, 97% was filler and 3% information. Their interviews would start off course asking the special guest their opinion on Scott’s personal matter or event….and BR? He does nothing more than agrees with evening and laughs at everything!

  99. Rick Green says:

    Big mistake ! Besides the Coach, they’re the only one’s I liked on your station. Sometimes they were over the top, but still very funny. And you could tell that other atheletes liked talking to them because they knew what they were talking about. They were actually guys who had been there and done that. I tried to listen to these new guys, but they stink ! Very boring !

  100. Steve Woo says:

    What a bunch of crap! People need to get over themselves. Now we’re left with Dave an Jeff? They have the personality of a block of wood. Pratty and Los would do better on their own Censor censor censor..after seeing the pics..Scott was kind..learn to laugh a little…1090 is cleared off my radio for good.

  101. Chuck Dimmitt says:

    I don’t recall anyone being forced to listen to any particular radio station, including XX1090. I always listened to Scott & BR whenever driving before 10am. Hacksaw is okay, but for the rest of the day, I prefer another station or listen to cd’s or have total silence. Talk radio is entertainment for those who choose to listen. Everyone chooses what to listen to and if they are offended by any comments on the show, they should change the dial, rather than continue listening and complain. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Why subject yourself to what annoys you? In a free society, where money matters, wise Management does not come unglued, unless an incident becomes detrimental to their cash flow revenue stream. It appears this unfortunate decision has the cart before the horse, and more than likely, will result in reduced revenue and listenership for their efforts to appease a minority element of their listening audience. I’ll bet they did not even consider setting up a poll of listener comments before using the axe. Short term gain for long term loss. Letting your listener base decide would have been better choice. (In my humble opinion) Oh well, it’s water over the dam now. Scott & BR will land on their feet and perhaps be even better than before. As for history, 100 years from now, no one will even remember.

  102. AmeriCAN says:

    As a former daily listener of Scott & BR………I really miss you guys.
    As for xx1090…..I do not miss you at all.

  103. JBR oe Blow says:

    Scott Kaplan is a pompous jackass that thinks way too highly of himself and I’m glad to see him fired for being the tool that he is. I hope this means he will no longer troll the paddock all season at Del Mar pretending to be a big shot. He is a loser troll.

  104. Guido says:

    I seem to see alot of people giving nasty opinions of Scott and saying how he should have been fired for giving a nasty opinion of someone. Huh?
    Some have written that he should be ashamed, and maybe he should. But to say that the shame is because he spoke ill of a woman, well so much for a gender nuetral society where everone is treated equally. I have read some posts along the lines of “anyone who has a wife or daughters cannot possible be in favor of what Scott said”. I don’t support what he said but I’ve had a wife and have daughters and I hear what they and their friends say about other women (don’t support that either).
    Scott should not have been fired.

  105. Guido says:

    Also… to those who say there is nothing on 1090 worth listen to, I have three words. Home of the Padres… I have four words
    I miss 1090 since I left SD and this morning got the idea, “I wonder if Scott and BR do a simalcast that I can p/u on the ‘puter” I guess not.

  106. Guido says:

    And finally my take on Billy Ray.
    I can imagine BR being the good teammate and at first saying to Scott, “I got you back buddy”. And then being the good family man and saying to Scott, “I’ll get the door for ya buddy” “Can I help you carry any of your stuff to your car?” (’cause he’d still be a good teammate)

  107. Guido says:

    Oh, and one more one more thing…
    It seems as though alot of Scott haters were very familiar with the show. Hypocrites d:
    If you had quit listen earlier instead tuning in so you could hear something over which you could fain some PC outrage, the show may have been canceled due to lack of listeners.

  108. Ruff Lowman says:

    Scott has a right to say what he wants because this is the United States of America. You don’t have to like what he says, but he has a right under the first to say it. I know San Diego is full of communists who would love to take this right away until someone they love is fired for speaking their mind. Wake up! The red diaper doper babies are taking over. By the way, she is everything Scott said she was because she doesn’t love the Aztecs. I have a right to say it, in voice and print. Red Diaper Doper Babies! Kiss My Aztec.

  109. Jon says:

    Even after all this time has past I am STILL SUPER glad those clowns are off the air.

  110. hip hip jorge says:

    Now you have 2 guys that replaced Hacksaw that are clones of the 2 guys that replaced Scott and BR. This is no way good programming! I tuned in @ 9:55am when they do this cross-over shit, and I thought my head was going to explode. You had 4 guys talking over one another– GREAT RADIO 1090.

  111. Skip Snyder says:

    It is now the beginning of April 2012 and the baseball season, basketball and hockey playoffs soon to start. I really miss the Scott & BR show in the AM. The only other
    interesting show on radio 1090 is the Darren Smith/Marty show in the PM. I believe that the radio station will loose a lot of listeners and consequently advertising dollars as a result of the firing of Scott Kaplan. I hope that he and BR end up at another radio or tv station so I can continue to follow them and their endeavors. I expect that there were other issues regarding the firing of Scott & BR. Probably financial. At any rate, the owners and management of radio station 1090 have lost another listener.

  112. bp says:

    200 comments. unreal.

  113. hip hip jorge says:

    What’s unreal is that you took the time to count them.

  114. willie mcgee says:

    Why would you want marty to have her own show? she doesn’t know sh_t. she’s only good to look at when she shows off her fake rack. she tried to rip on golf during masters week a few years back. why? because she doesn’t know anything outside of chargers/ padres. xx1090 continues to make a mistake by not covering the lakers more. we used to get kcal down here back in the day….i was a lifelong lakers fan by age 8. they are socal’s best franchise. 570, 710 are so much better to listen to. the herd is great, but max kellerman is awesome on the radio despite being teamed up with that punk wiley.

  115. hip hip jorge says:

    Wow. It’s been 3 mos. since the last comment, and almost 6 mos. since Scott & BR left 1090. Funny how people vented for awhile and 6 mos. later you would have never known they were on the air for 11 years.

  116. Joe says:

    Weather you agree or not, Scott and B.R. were entertaining. Their humor was not for everyone. I hope to hear them on the airways soon. As for Tex and XX1090 I will be signing off to seek another station.

  117. hip hip jorge says:

    That’s whether.

  118. hip hip jorge says:

    Wow. All of these comments about Scott & BR, and they are back on the SD airwaves in less than a year. It was like a dream, or a piece of time that never happened.

  119. hip hip jorge says:

    I sure do miss Dave and Jeff on 1090 during the morning drive. This Hacksaw character is so out-dated. ” Hey, I hope you become a regular. Next time you buy the donuts and I’ll bring the coffee.” WTF is he talking about.

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