Relapse or Not: Josh Hamilton is Still a Better Person Than You

Everybody just needs to calm down about Josh Hamilton. Reports are saying that he had a relapse and was drinking at a Dallas bar. If this is true… I, for one, am not quick to judge. This guy’s been through hell and back, and addiction is no joke. If you are quick to judge… say a little prayer of thanks for never being addicted to anything. While you’re at it… say a little prayer of confession for being a judgmental prick. Bottom line, Josh Hamilton is a better person than every one of us lobsters (excluding possibly Tebow), so before you judge a dude that possibly fell back to the demons of addiction… check yourself. You’ll be glad you did. Also, if the reports are true about Ian Kinsler trying to help Josh and get him out of the bar, that just made him one of my favorites too.

Josh, if you did have a relapse, hang in there dude. Prayers to and your family. This too shall pass, my friend.


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4 Responses to Relapse or Not: Josh Hamilton is Still a Better Person Than You

  1. As a person with experience as both a substance abuser and a professional in the substance abuse rehabilitation field, I have to say you nailed it. Also, my thoughts exactly on Ian Kinsler. I couldn’t have cared less about him a day ago but after hearing what he did for his teammate… man, that’s a great guy in my book.

  2. Ron says:

    Honestly, I have stayed away from this entire Josh Hamilton thing because I think it is a shame that a person’s mistakes are discussed by an entire nation. With that said, if it is going to be discussed you just NAILED my sentiments perfectly. Great blog

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