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Happy Birthday To My Boys!

What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t put up whatever the hell you want? That’s me with a bunch of my boys hanging out in NYC for a Padres roadtrip to the Bronx a few years back. … Continue reading

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Say What?

Fifty bucks says this is the face Snooki made when she found out she was preggers. -bp

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Kyle Blanks’ New Tattoo is Rad

Making lemonade out of lemons, folks. The 88 Train! Love it. Kyle Blanks had to have Tommy John surgery. Tommy John surgery leaves a nasty scar on your elbow. Kyle Blanks turned that nasty scar into the seams of a … Continue reading

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3 Trashbags Full of Weed Found in a Pacific Beach Dumpster

PACIFIC BEACH — Large trash bags containing marijuana were discovered Wednesday in Pacific Beach. A city parks worker saw two people rummaging through a Dumpster in the Crown Point Shores neighborhood on Lamont Street and Corona Oriente Road about 7:30 … Continue reading

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Marlinsanity? Serious?

Marlinsanity, huh? Does that technically mean the Jeremy Lin is sort of on the cover for the third straight week? Guess not. Ozzie and Hanley Jose Reyes are though. Cute. I, for one, think it’s a tragedy that Heater and … Continue reading

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And A Clean Pair of Shorts…

It’s no mystery to lobsters that I love Ace Ventura… I just did a quick search and I have done six posts mentioning Ray Finkle, one as recently as yesterday. So, when I saw the above photo of a Ray … Continue reading

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PHOTO: Jeremy Lin Reading up on Linsanity.

That’s cool. Still waiting for that snap shot of him on his laptop checking out my Jeremy Lin posts here on LobShots. Still waiting… Bueller? Bueller? -bp [via]

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Chargers’ Kris Dielman To Retire

After much speculation that Dielman would retire, then wouldn’t, then would again. Kevin Acee of the UT-SD just tweeted, “There will be a press conference Thursday to announce Kris Dielman’s retirement.” Sad day for Bolts fans. But mad props to … Continue reading

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I Dunno… Just Because

This one’s for you, Colin. -bp

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Ray Finkle Was Arrested Trying to Crash an Oscars After-Party – Actress Sean Young was arrested after a scuffle with a security guard at the official post-Oscars party, police said Monday. Young, 52, was placed under citizen’s arrest at the Governors Ball at 9:25 p.m. Sunday after the dispute, … Continue reading

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