Kobe vs. MJ – Who is the Greatest Ever?

Sucks there wasn’t a stat bar titled “narcissism”. Would’ve been the only category that Kobe could’ve edged out Jordan.


[via hoopdoctors]

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2 Responses to Kobe vs. MJ – Who is the Greatest Ever?

  1. Mac says:

    Don’t forget the “Rape” category, Kobe’s got that one on lock too.

  2. Justice782 says:

    its ashame that they didnt have the 40+, the 50+ and the 60+ and the 70+ and the 80+ category in points in a game. because Kobe wouldve had like 60 of those and mj like 3. #kobe is the best laker of all time. best west player of all time too. kobe had a better fade and better hot streaks but too many turnovers. mj had better morale, mindset, publicity. everyone hates on kobe. lets hate on mj. fucking dicks.

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