Paulina Gretzky Sent the World Another Twitter Gift

Well, look who decided to start tweeting again? Hello, Paulina. Hello, little dog Lola.

We’ve documented Paulina’s tweeting adventures from the beginning. She tweeted, then she left, then she was back, then she wasn’t, then she was. And now? Just like that, dad leaves town, Paulina gets Lola, and out come the photo tweets. Please, Paulina, feel free to continue tweeting… we won’t tell Dad.

Oh, and while I’m at…prepare to have your minds blown. My insanely intuitive lobster investigation skills have led me to two more Paulina pics from New Year’s Eve. As provided by her friend Hannah Selleck’s twitter feed… I give you Paulina (on the left for you newbies) getting ready to hit the town:

Solid 10. Looks so proper and reserved though, right? Let’s check in with Paulina at around midnight, shall we?

That’s the Paulina we know and love. Killin’ it.


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One Response to Paulina Gretzky Sent the World Another Twitter Gift

  1. Herm says:

    happy new year paulina, I’ve missed you

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