Alabama Beat LSU and the BCS Sucks… Just Like that Game

I’m not gonna waste much more of my life on that BCS National Championship game last night, so I’m gonna make this quick, because I already lost 3 hours of my life to it.  I’m sure college football purists loved the defense and the hard play and blah, blah, blah. I was bored outta my freaking gourd. It sucked, plain and simple. If you enjoyed it, I’m happy for you… I’m jealous of you. If you took the over on 14 times when it came to how many times Musburger said “Honey Badger”, you shockingly, would have lost. If you kept thinking the entire game… how sick would this be right now if Andrew Luck was the LSU QB and Alabama had Matt Barkley…or vice versa? You’re like me. Oh, and for the record, I know McCarron did well against a very good LSU secondary, but I wanted to see the poor kicker that everybody in Alabama had been calling Bill Buckner get the offensive MVP…and I hate kickers. I had plans to go see Alabama vs. LSU next season…and now I’m second-guessing my whole trip.


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2 Responses to Alabama Beat LSU and the BCS Sucks… Just Like that Game

  1. Crew says:

    you’re not second-guessing sh*.

  2. Stone Grizzly says:

    The SEC should be called the Semi-Educated Conference and LSU stands for Limited Studies University. Now, not to disparage real students who go to real classes at these universities and other SEC schools, but the overall intelligence quotient of LSU’s players and coaches, if judged by the effort in this game, is below some eight-grade teams. Alabama’s defense has good players, who looked great when LSU linemen forgot to block them, or did not get off the ball and seal a gap. LSU’s quarterback, Jordan Jefferson, would appear to have trouble reading a speed limit sign, let alone Alabama’s secondary coverage. The LSU coaches appeared to have no clue on how to challenge an aggressive defense. Overall, simply a terrible display of over-hyped, over-promoted teams playing in a self-serving farce of a championship. I would love to see Andrew Luck rip either team a new one. And for that matter, Kellen Moore and Boise State’s offensive plans would have challenged either defenses tenfold more than what was displayed by a collective eleven, yellow clad, deer caught in the headlights. The BCS truly sucks and is a disgrace to what is supposed to be the highest level of college football. Anybody catch the 20 team field of playoffs in the FCS? Now, there’s a playoff! Congratulations to North Dakota State on their championship achievement after only seven years in the FCS. Kudos to Sam Houston State and the other 18 teams for getting to the playoffs. The BCS committee should go shit in their hats and wear them for a year while they ponder if such another farce should be played out again in 2013.

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