You Can Buy This Real $10,000 Dollar Bill… For Only $89,000

So, this idiot that tried to buy a vacuum at Wal-Mart with a $1 million dollar bill got me to thinking: what do the old large bills look like? The real ones. Well, you can buy that exact $10,000 dollar bill up top for only $89,000 here. Click to enlarge. What a deal. The website is great too… just a little button that says “ADD TO CART” like you’re buying a $3 dollar toothbrush or something. This is a pretty cool site, with photos of the $500 dollar bill, the $1,000 dollar bill, the $5,000 dollar bill, $10,000 dollar bill, and a $100,000 dollar bill, which is actually a ‘gold certificate’. It was never open to the public. They were made for government use only. Here they are.

I always thought you had to be President to be front and center on US Currency… I was wrong. Way up top… that $10,000 dollar bill, that’s U.S. Treasury Secretary Chase. Never heard of him…no chance it would get past a Kentucky Wal-Mart as real currency.

**update: I’m a huge idiot. Ben Franklin was never president. I knew that. Thanks Ben**


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13 Responses to You Can Buy This Real $10,000 Dollar Bill… For Only $89,000

  1. Michael says:

    Alexander Hamilton, from the $10, was never president either. One of the Chase’s was Supreme Court Chief Justice, but I don’t know if it was that specific Chase. I should know, but I don’t, and am not inclined to google it.

  2. J dot says:

    Herbie Hancock

  3. Jonsey says:

    Yo Beef, we also landed on the moon………….

    NO WAY!


  4. Al says:

    The Chase on the $10,000 was the Secretary of the Treasury during Lincoln’s presidency: Solomon P. Chase.

  5. Dreggy says:

    Well if you want some large bills check out the ones from Tanzania. I bought 10 of the 1 Billion dollar bills to give out at Christmas. The Trillion dollar ones just seemed too gauche.

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