You Can Buy This Real $10,000 Dollar Bill… For Only $89,000

So, this idiot that tried to buy a vacuum at Wal-Mart with a $1 million dollar bill got me to thinking: what do the old large bills look like? The real ones. Well, you can buy that exact $10,000 dollar bill up top for only $89,000 here. Click to enlarge. What a deal. The website is great too… just a little button that says “ADD TO CART” like you’re buying a $3 dollar toothbrush or something. This is a pretty cool site, with photos of the $500 dollar bill, the $1,000 dollar bill, the $5,000 dollar bill, $10,000 dollar bill, and a $100,000 dollar bill, which is actually a ‘gold certificate’. It was never open to the public. They were made for government use only. Here they are.

I always thought you had to be President to be front and center on US Currency… I was wrong. Way up top… that $10,000 dollar bill, that’s U.S. Treasury Secretary Chase. Never heard of him…no chance it would get past a Kentucky Wal-Mart as real currency.

**update: I’m a huge idiot. Ben Franklin was never president. I knew that. Thanks Ben**


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  1. Michael says:

    Alexander Hamilton, from the $10, was never president either. One of the Chase’s was Supreme Court Chief Justice, but I don’t know if it was that specific Chase. I should know, but I don’t, and am not inclined to google it.

  2. J dot says:

    Herbie Hancock

  3. Jonsey says:

    Yo Beef, we also landed on the moon………….

    NO WAY!


  4. Al says:

    The Chase on the $10,000 was the Secretary of the Treasury during Lincoln’s presidency: Solomon P. Chase.

  5. hello i have 100.000 bill and its real coz its a long story if i said to you if you interested pls msg me to my ym i have 5 pieces and have certificate too

    • This guy says:


    • Before I email her, I was wondering if anyone ever found out if just has “5 pieces” of $100,000 bills(ripped up pieces of the bill) or actually/truly has FIVE $100,000 bills?

      Believe it or not, I’ve acquired my greatest purchases from people like this who TRULY have what they say, solely because of how ridiculous their claim is, their emotions(any smart married man will hide 99% of his tangible investments from his wife), their lack of knowledge, or their complete lack of ability to comprehend the value of what they have.

      In 2007, I was leaving to go to work and saw tables full of gold & silver bullion along with stacks of paper currency and stacks of silver bars in bins on the ground, in a driveway 3 houses down as part of a garage sale in my neighborhood. So I decided to walk over and maybe get a ‘deal’ on a few pieces. I know the couple(they are retired in their late 60′s) bc my roommate and I helped them all the time with odd/quick favors, as we lived in that house from 06 to 10 when we were 24 to 28(I rent it out to a retired couple now) and were the only people younger than 50 in the neighborhood. I walked up and immediately saw a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR BILL for $1.75(knew the grading company so I knew it was legit, it ended up being worth over 100k) along with 617 other rare coins/bars/paper currency. Turns out, the woman was selling her husbands “junk” because “he was paying more attention to his ‘play money’ than to her” and told me if I bought it all she’d take an “even $500″. Every piece of paper currency was cased and graded and 90% of the metal rounds/bars were cased and graded, so I was thinking it was worth about 800k easy or it was just too good to be true and fake, and I was literally trying not to $hit my pants before I got home and got an itemized receipt from her(she had already listed it all and had the prices next to it, with the highest price being $2.50!). I had to run back home and get my car and loaded the trunk up full, I still remember the car moving slower because of how heavy it was. I got there around 7:20 and left around 8:00. A group of chinese guys showed up as I was putting it all in huge paper bags and loading the plastic bins full of bars in my trunk and they started going nuts telling her they would give her a blank check, blah blah, 750k cash once the banks opened. She said and I’ll never forget “your money is no good here, please leave or I’ll call the cops.” (so weird) So, I came back to my house at about 8:05 am and backed my car in the garage, with the chinese guys trying to talk to me and I told them the same thing the old lady did. I took the bag out with the 245 oz gold coins(had to carry it from the bottom since it was about 8 kilos of gold), dumped it on his bed and he goes ‘did you rob someone?????!!! What just happened???!!’ So I told/showed my roomate what happened while he was scrambling to get read for work and I told him I’d give him 5% of however much it ended up being if he helped me. So we quickly, looked up one bill and it was worth like 30k and he started running around the house yelling “we’re swimming in money!!!!”, he was a loudmouth braggart so I told him to shut up and if he told anyone I wasn’t going to give him a cent from it. That he could either call in “sick” that day to help me figure out how much all of it was worth for the 5%, or go to work and get a hotel room that night that I’d pay for(or stay at his girlfriends house if she was in town) and pay him $2,000 because the people would be watching him to come home I figured. We then counted a mix of 315 1 0z gold rounds and 5oz-10oz gold bars with the price of gold at about $650 an oz at that time. So before we even knew about the damn currency I had over a mill in gold and THAT’S WHEN I STARTED GETTING A SICK FEELING IN MY STOMACH BECAUSE I KNEW THE GUY WAS GOING TO FIND OUT SOON AND OBVIOUSLY NOT BE HAPPY. My roommate obviously called in sick that day with me and my car was in the garage(the garage could only fit one car bc we had a gym on one side) so he drove his car to his girlfriends house and left it there for two days, he walked through the back paths of the neighborhood and jumped our backyard fence to get back in, haha. We started looking all the stuff up, and couldn’t believe what we were seeing. It felt like I won the lotto after about 2 hours of researching with him because the 256 bills were all worth over 3.5 million themselves. The other about 46 pieces were 10 0z – 15 kilo silver bars. Then, around 1 pm(the guy must have finished his round of golf, and lunch) my doorbell started ringing & loud knocking on the door for a five minutes at a time, along with the guy screaming and crying like SOMEONE DIED, EVERY 15 minutes for the next 32 hours, it was horrible. He and his wife came a few times, pleading to “make a deal”. We called our families and told them what happened and it was obviously a serious moral dilemma but we did NOTHING WRONG OBVIOUSLY. The damn cops came and knocked on the door but we didn’t answer, bc we stayed in the theatre room that had no windows but plenty of booze/food/movies, for 40 straight hours. The 607 pieces of currency that she said were “junk metal” and “nasty old monopoly money” ended up being worth over 6 million dollars, this dude had a COLLECTION. About 20 bills were over 100k, with one being worth $350,000, no joke). The one worth $350,000 was an uncirculated – 64 grade – 1934 madison $5,000 bill minted in Denver. I found out it is one of two that is known of and there is one that is graded 65. The bill is worth about 475k now.

      That was a lot of typing but this reminded me of that crazy morning 7 years ago, I’ll leave it up to you all to figure out if I gave it all back, some of it back, none of it back, was forced to give it back, was threatened, had to have 24/7 police protection, if I kept it where I hid it all, how much of it I sold if I kept it, what my roommate and I did with it if we sold it all, etc….. LOLOLOLOL I don’t tell this story much, and my contact info is fake(except for the random email address, i just made up, in case anyone has any questions or wants to know what happened, or maybe make a purchase at a nice discount :) KARMA (money back guarantee), but i figured it was a good forum to tell it.

      so anyways, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ANYONE, it’s a nice way of being told that you are ignorant. :)

      A lucky but charitable person, leeeeeeeeeego! :)

  6. Dreggy says:

    Well if you want some large bills check out the ones from Tanzania. I bought 10 of the 1 Billion dollar bills to give out at Christmas. The Trillion dollar ones just seemed too gauche.

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