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100 Million Pounds of Lobsters Caught – Amazing

HALLOWELL, Maine — Maine lobstermen last year caught more than 100 million pounds of lobster, the first time the lobster catch has topped the 100 million-pound mark, the state’s top fisheries official said Tuesday. The preliminary catch numbers for 2011 … Continue reading

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‘Sexually Frustrated’ Meth-Smoking Glendale Man Caught Driving Naked From Waist Down

GLENDALE (CBS) — A Glendale computer technician faced drug and indecent exposure Tuesday after his arrest for allegedly driving around naked from the waist down while smoking methamphetamine. Umar Kahn, 34, of Glendale, said he was “sexually frustrated” when was … Continue reading

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Why Does Aaron Hernandez Have a Tattoo of Michael Jackson Wearing a Crown of Thorns on His Back?

Serious question. -bp [photo via Hot Clicks]

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Why is This So Funny?

God Bless the Uke… -bp [lobbed by Crew, via imgur]

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No SOUP(er Bowl) For You!

Dammit! What are the Super Bowl commercial people thinking? Why are they releasing all these commercials before the Super Bowl? Somebody explain it to me. I don’t get it. That said, this is freaking awesome. The Soup Nazi and Seinfeld … Continue reading

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Lebron James Playing a Little Leap Frog

Move over Vince Carter…there’s a new King in town. Lebron James literally jumps over John Lucas for this alley-oop dunk. Unreal. -bp [lobbed by Susanna, via @jose3030]

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Dudes, Run For Your Lives

Not even kidding… RUN! Georgia cheerleader Anna Watson. Read about her here, but after seeing the photo, I was too afraid to…so I have no idea why she is so jacked. -bp

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Did These New Nike Vapor Jet Chargers Gloves Make a Pro Bowl Appearance?

These new Nike Vapor Jet gloves were released for the Pro Bowl this past weekend. Anybody see ‘em there? The only dude I saw rocking them for his team was Jennings. If you want to find your team’s gloves, check … Continue reading

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Blake Griffin is Ridiculous

Are you kidding me? -bp [via @jose3030]  

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PHOTOS: Chargers Took Their Tight-Pants-Talents to Hawaii

Those pants are uncomfortably tight around the junk. There. I said it. But I will say no more about it. I didn’t watch a lick of this game. AFC won the Pro Bowl. Yea for us! Here are some stats … Continue reading

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