Was this the Football Play of the Year?

Jerome Simpson. Photo version.

YouTube Preview Image

Jerome Simpson. Video version.

Jerome Simpson. Gif version.

Amazing. Play of the year?


[vid via Obsessed with Sports]

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7 Responses to Was this the Football Play of the Year?

  1. Herm says:

    I am a Bengals fan, this was a sweet play.

    Riddle me this…Jerome Simpson had 8.5 lbs of weed in his house before the season started, and we’ve heard nothing about it since then. Of course, I’m thrilled he’s on the field…but does the NFL just sweep these actions under the rug for the sake of the NFL?

    Who do you think has the most drug use amongst the professional sports….NFL, NBA, or MLB? I’ve always heard NBA.

    • Mac says:

      Other than Marshawn Lynch’s run in the playoffs last year, that was the best play I’ve seen in years.

      NBA players by far do the most drugs, weed at least. I bet lots of NFL players have prescription pill addictions

      • bp says:

        beef-mo was a solid run for sure… but we’ve seen amazing runs in the NFL before… we’ve never seen an jump-flip like that. never. as for the drugs, hate to stereotype, but yeah, NBA has got to be #1. (not counting baseball in the 90s)

  2. The Black Pearl says:

    No doubt Mac, When I played college ball we had a good % of guys hooked on vicodin and other drugs to numb the pain. Especially us linebackers, just hitting all day. I’m sure NFL is way worse.

  3. Crew says:

    Isn’t that traveling?

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