Holiday Bowl: The Most Exciting Bowl in the Country

BEST BOWL IN ALL THE LAND!!! Fact.  Every year there are a bunch of “really smart” sports writers who need to fill their article quota for the year by babbling along about which bowls are the most exciting.  Save it.  Answer: Holiday Bowl.  It’s the highest scoring bowl with the stingiest defenses, biggest comebacks, greatest coaches, best hospitality, and hottest cheerleaders. Take that to the bank.  Oh, and check out part of the bowl Hall of Fame:

Barry Sanders

Barry Sanders

Steve Young

Steve Young

Jim McMahon

Jim McMahon

I could have stopped with Barry Sanders… but McMahon is just a bad ass and needed to be seen.  This year’s Holiday Bowl is Cal vs. Texas, and my prediction for the next member of the Holiday Bowl Hall of Fame…


Texas 38, Cal 37


By the way, my boy Silver and I are both part of the Red Shirt Committee, which helps put on various events for the Holiday Bowl each year.  It’s awesome.  A few weeks back, the Red Coats hosted a dinner with Cal’s coach, Jeff Tedford, and Texas’s coach, Mack Brown.  They sat down, drank wine, and ripped on our fearless leader, Bruce Binkowski.  It was a sports fan’s dream.  Based off the dinner, I give Mack and Texas the advantage… wit always wins out in the end for me.

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3 Responses to Holiday Bowl: The Most Exciting Bowl in the Country

  1. ray finkel says:

    Who is this ‘Showman’ you speak of? Is he new?

  2. Body. says:

    Terrible choice of hottest cheerleaders.

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