He’s Baaaaaaaaack!

Of course he’s coming back… dude is living the life at USC. Literally walks around campus and students start chanting… “ONE MORE YEAR! ONE MORE YEAR!” He’s a 21-year-old god. His celebrity status is almost unparalleled at a school known for producing stud quarterbacks, in a town known for it’s celebrities. He can have any girl he wants at this school…in all of LA for that matter. Enjoy your senior year, Matt…


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2 Responses to He’s Baaaaaaaaack!

  1. G says:

    Welcome back, Matty Trojan! Great speech too. A big nice “F you” to the NCAA.

  2. Wildman says:

    So pumped!!!!

    On a side note, he did thank his girlfriend in his speech, so cute.

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