The Famous Costco Receipt Smiley Face

I guarantee Costco doesn’t even know how this little tradition of theirs started. Anybody with a kid knows what I’m talking about… when you are leaving Costco and they check your receipt… if you have a kid, they flip it over and draw a nice little smiley face with their highlighter. That’s a photo of your standard smiley up on top of this blog. Nothing too fancy, took about 4 seconds to draw, and everybody’s happy. I think it’s kinda cool. My daughter loves it. She points, smiles, and is occupied with the receipt for the drive home. Fine by me. Doesn’t matter where you are, either… Costco does this in Hawaii, Mexico, Mid West, East Coast, everywhere. It has become a global policy for Costco employees… artwork for the kiddos. If you’re lucky, you might even get something festive.

Shoot, some people have loved their little Costco smiley so much… they’ve framed it.

Well, I went to Costco with my daughter and one of the dudes at the Morena Costco here in San Diego, which is usually great with their little smileys… seriously dropped the ball.

Seriously? Worst smiley face in history. Next time, bro…save it. I don’t need your rats nest depressing my daughter. Keep your damn highlighter and your bad attitude to yourself.

Like I said, love the tradition… but either put a little love into it… or don’t do it at all.


[receipts other than my own pulled here, here and here]

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18 Responses to The Famous Costco Receipt Smiley Face

  1. Herm says:

    i love costco…going there today actually

  2. rydazzle says:

    Are we witnessing a new period of costco art? Halfassism?

  3. Cassandra says:

    The tradition unofficially started at the San Marcos location. Two long time employees who are artistic (Greg M. And myself) started doodling cartoons on receipts. Greg worked at the door in San Marcos ( even when it was a Price Club ). Soon, the kids started wanting “smilies” on all of the receipts and the less artistic employees starting obliging as well with simpler drawings. Obviously, the demands of cartoon loving children spread to the other local warehouses having had it done in San Marcos. Years later, it is a standard wish of most kids and most Costco employees everywhere know about it. By the way, if I happen to be at the door in San Marcos, I usually draw kitty faces for girls and pups for boys and even cartoon horses. Greg and I aren’t at the door too much anymore, but Costco has plenty of member service oriented employees that will do their best to brighten kid’s (and adult) days as they leave!

  4. sandee brooks says:

    I remember that Cassandra! It was always so cute to see our “smiles” bring another smile to the kids faces. Sandee

  5. Ang says:

    oh BP…we Costco employees are EVERYWHERE and we can sense when ANYTHING is posted about Costco…lol. We do love our own artistic ‘exit door’ employees at our building as well. I remember, about 16 years ago last month, a manager mentioning the smiley face in an orientation. He was talking about keeping the smile on our members faces from the time they walk in till way past the time they walk out the door (and ‘give them a smile to take home’). People always wonder how those employees can look at your receipt and know if something isn’t right…but they do! When February rolls around…maybe they’ll break out some hearts, hugs and kisses. =)

  6. Jen says:

    You’d prolly be more freaked out.. If you knew how we found your page ;) lol
    Keep on smillin’ :)

  7. Sean says:

    I work at Costco Courtenay and am WELL known for drawning pictures for the kids at the till! If you come through Courtenay come through my till and I will be happy to drawn something for your little one! :)

    • bp says:

      “WELL” known, huh? pretty aggressive. I’ve never heard of Courtenay… but I’m sure it’s lovely this time of year.

  8. Aliciapdx says:

    My mom is the door person at the Costco in Staten Island, NY (she posted this link on her fb) I can not attest to her smiley face skills, but she did make many puff paint sweatshirts growing up.

    • bp says:

      honestly, i’m starting to think tons of costco employees have posted this on their facebook. it’s crazy the traffic this post is getting. all costco employees are starting to freak me out.

  9. Kayla says:

    I just started working at the costco call center in WA and and our trainer told us to google ‘costco smiley face’ at some point once we were home :) I’ve seen smiley faces done for my little sister when she was younger and we’d go to the warehouse. It always made her excited to hold the reciept :)

  10. Jas says:

    ….i do Happy Faces allll the time …there kids and they Love it …adults are even getting into the game ….if its Super busy though it can b tough at times not yo get a doodle on the receipt!!
    If I have lots of time I like to draw extra’s lots of hair , big teeth ,etc… Thxs :-). ;.)

  11. Susan_55 says:

    I totally agree that the receipt artwork is another little “extra” that puts Costco above the rest. Our door checkers do great customized smilies when they can, but if it gets busy, it’s all about fast customer service. Comments like this: “Seriously? Worst smiley face in history. Next time, bro…save it. I don’t need your rats nest depressing my daughter. Keep your damn highlighter and your bad attitude to yourself.” are overridden by the rest of the people in the line complaining about the slow checker at the door.

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