Holiday Challenge: Pick One Wine for Dinner… Yao Ming or Elvira?

Yes, Yao Ming made a wine and Elvira made a wine. This is not breaking news, it’s just weird, and if I had to pick one, it’d be Yao’s for sure. But let’s get to the real shocker here, folks. BREAKING NEWS: Elvira is alive! Is she like 100? I thought this chick was like, 80, when I was in elementary school sneaking peaks at signs in grocery stores of those gigantic jugs. Kidding me with those things? Defying the laws of science and gravity. Check out that cat on the right too… you staring at the wine, buddy? Speaking of her wine… what a joke. Yao’s at least looks classy… I expect to see Elvira’s wine on the shelf right next Boone’s Farm at your local 7-Eleven.


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One Response to Holiday Challenge: Pick One Wine for Dinner… Yao Ming or Elvira?

  1. duke egret says:

    You are an idiot! Have you tried either of these wines?! How can you review something you have not tried?! Surprising that idiots like yourself actually spend time writing articles such as this one and think people really care what your opinion is. I am sure that you are probably very familiar with Boone’s Farm.

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