Kobe’s Christmas Day Shoes are Ugly as Sin

I give you the Nike Zoom Kobe VII. He’ll be wearing these suckers on Christmas Day. Just hideous. Bright green and purple? What a joke(r). Zing!

Somebody remind Kobe his nickname is The Black Mamba… not The Black Puma, The Black Panther, The Black Leopard, The Black Cheetah, The Black Lioness, or The Black Some Other Big Cat on the Heal of His New Shoe.


[via SneakerFiles]

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3 Responses to Kobe’s Christmas Day Shoes are Ugly as Sin

  1. Mac says:

    Tha Jewela!!!

  2. G says:

    I think my grandfather used to have pants with the same patterns and colors.

  3. Little caster says:

    The black pyuma*

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