I Need This Hootchulele, and I Need It Yesterday

I give you The Hootchulele, people! Cigar box? Check. Ukulele? Check. Super secret compartment to stash my hard liquor and shot glasses? Check!

Researchers at Earnest laboratories have come up with a new product designed to satisfy aficionados of two of America’s favorite pastimes . . . playing the ukulele and indulging in spirit refreshments. The Hootchulele is a fully functional cigar box ukulele, concealing a custom fit (removable) mahogany “home entertainment center” with two shot glasses and a bottle of 100% pure “ukulele libation fluid”. The Hootchulele is perfect for those looking to discreetly smuggle their pleasures in and out of home, office, or speakeasy. Whether one is just a tippler or looking to get “sloshed in the ozone again”, the Hootchulele is like a party in a box . . . just add music!

If this sucker wasn’t $400+ it would be the perfect gift. However, it is that much… sad.


[h/t Thrillist]

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2 Responses to I Need This Hootchulele, and I Need It Yesterday

  1. Mac says:

    Nice subtle hint BP.

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