Tebow Time! A Tattoo For The Ages

No big whoop, just the greatest tattoo in the history of tattoos.

**update – as noted in the comments… this little centaur is carrying a cross in his hand. this tattoo just got awesomer, folks. **


[via Larry Brown Sports]

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7 Responses to Tebow Time! A Tattoo For The Ages

  1. Herm says:

    thats rad. just wait ’til all of his arm hair grows back.

    • bp says:

      that’s a joke, right? that HAS to be a leg.

      • Herm says:

        if that is his leg (which I’m not saying its not)….then what part of the leg is that??? I’m thinking shoulder. T

        here’s no where on my leg that looks like that. If it’s leg, it looks like it was taken straight on…and he has no knee cap…and that would be the weirdest place for a tattoo.

        Is tebow centaur carrying a tiny cross in his right hand?

        • bp says:

          ok, you’re partially nuts.
          the tattoo is this dude’s upper thigh. picture taken straight on, with the guy pulling up his short for the picture…the knee is below the shot.

          and yes, holy crap…that is a cross in the hand. amazing catch.

          • Herm says:

            wait a minute. you knew you were posting pubes on your website all this time…encouraging your readers to look at it?

            my face was plastered on my computer screen trying to break this down….I have to go take a shower

  2. Caster says:

    wow. that’s a lot of mythology represented, but hey…fiction can be fun.

    • bp says:

      “but I find the reference section a little more enlightening” – very nice Ace Ventura pull.

      Idiotic to call Christianity mythology though, you heathen.

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