The Day I Fell In Love With Kate Beckinsale

In 2009, when my Esquire magazine came in the mail with Kate Beckinsale named the Sexiest Woman Alive…I remember letting out an audible sigh, followed with a “Finally.” In honor of the the 70th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks, I’d like to also honor Kate Beckinsale. I do this in no disrespect to the memory of this tragic day and those who lost their lives defending our country. It’s just that it was in 2001 that I fell in the love with Kate Beckinsale. The day I watched the movie Pearl Harbor. Clearly, I don’t need to tell you why I fell in love… I’ll show you. A few¬†Pearl Harbor screengrabs:


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9 Responses to The Day I Fell In Love With Kate Beckinsale

  1. ray finkel says:

    Kate Beckinsale Underworld >> Kate Beckinsale Pearl Harbor

  2. Herm says:

    Kate Beckinsale is unreal. no clue why she doesnt get the attention that other hollywood stars get.

    • bp says:

      agreed. like, is julia roberts THAT much better of an actual actress? b/c she’s not even in the same conversation on a scale of hotness.

  3. J dot says:

    I named my first born after her.

  4. Q T says:

    her full name by the way is not kathryn bailey beckinsale it is in fact
    Kathrin Romaney Beckinsale!!!:P:P

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